fresh nectarine tart in a ginger biscuit base

I found myself with an abundance of beautiful nectarines and seem to be in a bit of a tart frame of mind, so I decided to try out an easy recipe that didn’t require any baking.

lovely fresh nectarines in season

I used a packet of ginger biscuits to make the crust and then made a filling similar to the filling in my Amaretto and peach dessert from earlier in the year.  It is such a versatile creamy base from which to build recipes on.  I cut a few fresh nectarines in thinnish slices and piled them  on top of the tart.

To give it a slight almond edge, I added a dash of Amaretto to the cream mixture and sprinkled toasted almond flakes over the top.

I quite liked the freshness of the uncooked nectarines, but I think they would also do really well lightly poached in an Amaretto sugar syrup.

For the base:

  • 200g ginger biscuits
  • 70g butter – melted


  • 175g Marscapone cheese
  • 175ml cream
  • 1 T icing sugar
  • 1 T Amaretto liqueur
  • 4 – 6 nectarinses cut into thin slices
  • small handful of toasted flaked almonds

Grind the biscuits in a food processor until a fine crumb and add the melted butter to combine.  Tip the crumb mixture out into a 22 cm tart dish and press around the base and the edges to form an even crust.  Use a back of a spoon or a metal cup measure to ensure uniformity and compactness.  Place the tart base in the fridge.

ginger biscuit tart base

Beat the Marscapone cheese with an electric whisk to loosen the texture and remove any lumps.  In a separate bowl whip the cream until it is thick.  Combine the Marscapone and the cream with the Amaretto and icing sugar and whisk to combine. Spread the filling mixture over the base evenly.

thick creamy filling

Top it off by arranging the sliced nectarines in about 2-3 layers and sprinkle almond flakes to finish it off.

arrange the fruit on the tart
a sprinkle of almonds to finish it off




  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog ! I am a restauranteur and chef and use your fresh easy to follow recipes all the time! I made your ameretto peaches for friends yesterday and they loved them… and this weekend Ill make this nectarine tart for my folks 🙂 thanks for providing beautiful inspiration… I have voted for you to win ! Jen

  2. Beautiful! Summer on a plate. I want to dive right in!

  3. Michael Olivier

    That has to be the most perfect crumb crust picture i have ever seen. Goodness when you’re good, you’re good. Luv luv x

  4. Sam

    Thank you Jen for the kind words and the vote. So pleased to hear my recipes inspire you to make them, this after all is the main objective. S

  5. I love the idea of this unbaked tart! I don’t eat fruit tarts ’cause I find that cooked fruit is just far too sweet for me. A fresh fruit tart, that’s something I would eat. I’m also a huge fan of mascarpone 😀

    Love this!

  6. Thanks for this. Over 30 years ago I used to make this but with cream and pineapple chunks. A few months ago an old female housemate from those times turned up and started to tell my wife about the wonderful dinner parties we had had and some of the lovely things that I had apparently made. There were sometimes more than 10 of us living in this house in London and we did have lots of dinners parties as we were all hard up and couldn’t afford fancy restaurants. My old friend suddenly said, ‘Oh I’ll never forget that ginger flan, I loved that.’ My wife mentioned that I had never made it for her! Oh dear!… and the worst thing was that I couldn’t remember how to make it. So thanks so much for this, you’ve saved my bacon!

  7. Sam

    Excellent Richard, lovely story and so glad I could help. Let me know how it goes.

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