torn mozzarella with creme fraiche, lemon and chilli

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torn mozzarella with creme fraiche, lemon and chilli

I was thinking up a way to use up my beautiful Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella that didn’t involve a salad as I usually veer towards a Caprese – and love basil, tomato and balsamic flavours with it. I felt like trying something a bit different and letting the cheese shine through.

Buffalo Ridge won a best producers award on Saturday at the Eat In awards and you can easily see why. Its an all natural product, hand crafted in the traditional Italian way from pasture-fed buffalo’s from a farm in Wellington.

So a wander around Giovanni’s (my favourite food shop) and a chat with Giovanni, I decided to make this lemony mix which works so well on a crispy cracker, flatbread or buschetta.  I love these Rosemary and Thyme crackers from Ines Rosales which are hand made and hand wrapped in printed grease-proof paper. Imported from Seville in Spain, made with extra virgin olive oil, they are one of my occasional (and yes very expensive) special treats.

tortas de aceite de ines rosales

The idea of mixing cream with mozzarella has appealed to me since discovering how incredible it can be on a pizza, and with this recipe it turns your cheese into a delicious and simple spread.

Take a ball of mozzarella (about 120g) and tear it into threads. Add 3 tablespoons of creme fraiche and mix. Grate in the fine zest of half a lemon, a squirt of the juice and arrange it on a plate. Drizzle over olive oil and season with salt, pepper and a light sprinkling of smoked chilli (but any chilli flake or freshly chopped chilli would work well).

This fresh tasting mix would go beautifully with anchovies or stirred through hot pasta with a few fresh herbs. I would also like to use my preserved lemons to give it more intensity.

soaked in cream fraiche with zesty lemon and smoky hot chilli flakes



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  1. I want to gobble that whole plate up! Love your suggestion of using preserved lemon too, will definitely try that.

  2. Delicious and I would definately stir through a pasta with loads of basil and mint.

  3. Yum! I, too, gravitate towards the simple caprese salad whenever I have extra mozz on hand… but this flavor combination sounds amazing!

  4. Wayne Rademeyer says:

    It looks delicious. I will certainly try that.

  5. Hello Samantha,
    We´d like to say thank you for this post, the recipe and the photos are really amazing (and it had to be delicious!!!)!
    It is 8:50 am in Spain… but the sight of the photos gave us an appetite 🙂
    Thank again and have a nice day!
    Nieves Borrego
    Online Marketing Manager
    Ines Rosales SAU

  6. your photography is just so beautiful

  7. Absolutely beautiful! What a great way to showcase the cheese. Thanks for the idea!!

  8. Thanks Robin, just so simple and fresh 🙂

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