Goat’s cheese truffles with honey & pistachio

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The minute I saw these truffles on the lovely ‘The Year In Food’ blog, I immediately knew I wanted to make them. They appeal to every fiber of my foodie being.

What also captured my attention was how they formed part of a very exciting food-art installation project that got my creative side doing leaps and bounds. Art, food, drizzling honey – so WOW!

Using only 3 ingredients these gorgeous little flavour bombs are certain to impress anyone who tries them, and will make a fantastic addition to your next cheese platter.

They are fairly tricky to make, but I cut to the chase a bit. I filled them, then rolled them and then coated them in the ground up pistachios in one go.

Wrapping the cheese around the honey presents the biggest challenge and found two different methods worked quite well: firstly I froze some honey which I had poured out onto a small metal container and was able to scoop this out into a ball, secondly, I used honey that had crystalised and was therefore firmer and held its shape.

*In case you didn’t know, honey that turns to crystal form is a sign of a good quality product.

So all you need is a log or two of chevin/ goats cheese. I found 100gms made 6 truffles. You will need a half a teaspoon of honey or so per truffle, and ground up pistachio nuts to roll them in. A little goes a long way here.

Slice off a piece of goats cheese or scoop out to the aproximate size of a tablespoon and roll it into a smooth ball between your hands. Flatten the ball into your palm, fill with honey and gently shape the cheese around it. Roll again between your hands and then roll in the nuts.

I remembered I had some Nomu Pistachio and Sumac Dukkah which I hadn’t yet tried. I love dukkah so much I’ve roasted cauliflower and beetroot in it and have even added it to meatballs, so figured it could only add value to these gorgeous little truffles. I was right.

I mixed about 20% ground up sumac dukkah with the ground up pistachio nuts, but you could roll them completely in the dukkah.

A piece of preserved fig or watermelon would also make a fantastic filling, and a further little drizzle of honey over the top of the truffle ball would be really nice too.

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Goat’s cheese truffles with honey & pistachios

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  1. These are so beautiful! I love goats cheese so much.

  2. Sam, these look incredible. But most importantly where did you manage to source such beautiful honeycomb ? – if you don’t mind sharing that is… x

  3. Chris Daly says:

    I LOVE goat cheese. Never would have thought of the honeycomb – that’s a great idea and I am totally stealing that for the next dinner party. A friend of mine owns a nice restaurant in Columbus and my wife and I always try to impress them when they come over, maybe even use this idea for a “Chopped Challenge”

    I think these would be great for a breakfast snack as well. I have a serving tray (https://www.brydenroad.com/Antique-Silver-Chippendale-Gallery-Tray.html) that is brass and antiqued silver. Should I line the tray with doilies or do you recommend something else? Thinking the honey might not be so fun to wash off the tray.

  4. Hi Chris, I think you can put them on any tray, plate or board. You will need to apply water in order to clean it though. Paper might get a bit sticky. I think a board or a flat platter will look lovely, or why not on a plate on the silver tray?

  5. Chris Daly says:

    I’ll bet if you added a little chipotle powder (and I mean a little) it would be phenomenal with the sweet honey, crunchy pistachios and creamy goat cheese. A little added ZING! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris, I agree. The warm spices of the sumac dukkah also added a lovely flavour layer. Extra honey over the top to increase the sweetness.

  7. Divine M & M – I think there are so many things one could roll them in. Enjoy!

  8. Brother Beaker says:

    I used quince paste and a dried cherry in the middle, dusted with chile-flavored pistachios. Endless variations!

  9. Your idea with the quince sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing

  10. MelissaJane says:

    Inspired by this recipe, I made a few varieties of goat cheese truffles tonight. In addition to pistachio-honey, I plumped some dried apricots in Marsala and put that in the center, rolled in some chopped spiced pecans; for another, used dried cranberries in the center and rolled them in almonds (would’ve been good with a little cardamom in the almonds). We all agreed, wonderful flavors and great idea. Thank you!

  11. I’m thinking that a small marble cheeseboard – chilled – would be the perfect serving vehicle for these.

  12. HI Ruth, yes marble would be too stunning for these cheese truffles.

  13. Its a pleasure and Im glad you enjoy 🙂

  14. What are your thoughts about making ahead of time and freezing?

  15. Hi Tanya, I have never pre-frozen made up phyllo recipe but in theory, it should work.

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