pizza bianco with blue cheese, fig and balsamic

This is a delicious and easy pizza snack idea that hovers some where between savoury and sweet.

It definitely needs a glass of something to go with it, but the conflicting flavours present a few challenges. I felt compelled to consult with a couple of my wine guru friends on this. Suggestions ranged from a lovely off dry Riesling to a fruit driven unwooded Chenin Blanc, to a Gewurtztraminer. You want a wine that stands up to the sweet and compliments the salty blue cheese.

I like to use a creamy Gorgonzola which is probably my all-time favourite cheese, but a locally made Gorgonzola-style cheese like Simonsig’s Simonzola works beautifully too.

As far as the pizza base is concerned, I’m in the throws of testing a number of dough recipes to come up with the best and easiest one, and this is taking longer than planned. So as a result I have not included a recipe here. You will have to use whatever very thin base pizza recipe you can find, or use a tortilla as I love to do. The toppings are fairly light on this, it cooks really quickly, so a thin base is essential.

I caramelised the onions exactly like I did for a pissaldiere and just left out the anchovies. Cook the onions slowly until they become gooey, soft and sweet.

I spread a very light layer of Mascarpone cheese over the base, added a thin layer of onions, and dotted small chunks of blue cheese in amongst these. I scattered over a few thyme leaves and baked in a hot oven of 200 C for about 5 minutes until everything is bubbling.

Once out, I sliced figs thickly to be placed on top (you will use a bout 2 figs per pizza), and drizzled over a thick and syrupy balsamic reduction.


pizza bianco with blue cheese, fig and balsamic

blue cheese, fig and balsamic

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  1. A gorgeous flavor combination of caramelized onion, blue cheese figs and balsamic. All this on a pizza, a dream come true for me! =)

  2. karien buter

    Hi Sam…i found a fabulous pizza dough recipe in the guardian on saturday…could email it to you if you fancy trying another…

  3. I do want to make this, but not with a tortilla.. Karien, I’d love your thin crust recipe… I cannot wait to try and taste this pizza!

  4. Sam

    Hi Karien, yes please, I would love it. thank you – slinsell @ gmail dot come 🙂

  5. Sam

    Thanks Erika, and your cheese would work perfectly here 🙂

  6. Sam

    HI Michelle, I promise that when I have completed my research, I will have an awesome pizza base recipe up.

  7. Sam, this looks soo amazing. I love the way your pictures just speak about your rustic style and simplicity. Its GORGEOUS. About the recipe… well what can I say. A simple Jummmm would do it don’t you think?

  8. Sam, I made this delicious delight !! One of the most flavorful pizzas ever … my dough was not thin, but it was still out of this world ! Thanks!

  9. Sam

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it Michelle 🙂

  10. Fred Lee

    Really great but seems to be missing an ingredients list?

  11. Sam

    Hi Fred – its more an ideas post as I tell yo exactly how to make it linking back to previous recipes. All the instructions and ingredients are there.Thanks Sam

  12. Lynn Crawford

    Can another cheese be used, like Goat Cheese. I do not like Blue Cheese.

  13. Lynn Crawford

    Can another cheese like goat cheese be used? I do not like blue cheese.

  14. Sam

    HI Lynn, yes Goats cheese would be lovely.

  15. used honey goat cheese instead of marscapone, baked (more like 8 minutes…)with the figs already on it, forgot to use the balsamic…. kids and hubby ate it up (-: thanks for the inspiring recipe!

  16. Sam

    Im so glad you liked the recipe and goats cheese sounds amazing.

  17. does this travel well: if I make this an hour or so ahead, to take a friend’s home, with it still taste good?

  18. Sam

    Hi Connie – sorry for the late reply – pizza does travel well but always best eaten fresh out the oven when the cheese is melty.

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