strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate

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fresh strawberries dipped into melted white chocolate

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I have no idea why, and I have no scientific proof of it, but white chocolate tastes so much better melted. I’m open to suggestions, but would guess its because the warm silky chocolate coats the inside of your mouth prolonging the ecstasy of the eating experience?

As a child I would take a brand of white chocolate that came in a sealed foil pack and leave this out in the sun. I would then cut a corner and suck out the warmed melted chocolate. The lusciousness of it was a little texture adventure that I savoured and enjoyed.

Now I know that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate, but I’m a big fan, and I discovered this by chance when I needed to whip up a quick romantic dessert recently. I was making a tapas style supper and needed a little sweet ending. Two people dipping fresh strawberries into melted white chocolate, looking into each others eyes was kind of the experience I was going for.

The combination is so delectable I simply hat to share the idea in case you hadn’t already discovered it. I love to use a good quality white chocolate like Valrhona which is available in bulk from Wild Peacock. It melts easily in the microwave and stays melted (tempered) for a while, so this is super easy to put together. You can either leave the strawberries whole, or if they are bigger, slice them in half.

* cooks notes ~ when tempering chocolate in the microwave, place it in a ceramic bowl and heat it in 20 – 30 seconds spurts, removing to stir as you go. When it is nearly all melted, remove and allow the warmth of the already melted chocolate and the heat of the bowl to melt the rest. Do not over heat as it can caramelise and go hard.

What is your favourite way to eat white chocolate?

A few other recipes with white chocolate that I love:

white chocolate and rooibos tea fudge

pink berry and white chocolate rocky road

passionfruit profiteroles with a white chocolate drizzle

white chocolate and brownie frozen torte

fresh strawberries dipped into melted white chocolate

fresh strawberries dipped into melted white chocolate

I used my Opinel knife for the first time – a birthday gift from a friend in January, and this iconic French brand of knives and pocket knives is available from Entrepo. I cant wait for summer to use it all my picnics.

I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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  1. Thanks Sam! I have been given a kg of white chocolate and looking at ways to use it up so this was a perfect timing post! The rocky road looks amazing too 🙂

  2. Awesome Dan, enjoy. Dan will be pleased.

  3. Hey Bandon, I have been dying to caramelise white chocolate and researched it all. What have you done with it?

  4. Sam these look divine. I love melted brown chocolate & especially licking it of my finger. It was a craving I had during my first pregnancy.

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