ginger miso ice cream

This ginger miso ice cream is now up there amongst the best and most delicious ice creams I have ever made. I am extremely proud of it. The fact that it contains no eggs or dairy and is vegan, is quite astonishing in itself.

I first made it last year when I really started falling in love with miso paste and started using it often in my cooking. It’s an ingredient that I am now never without in my kitchen. I was also very eager to try it in a dessert. The miso has a lovely salty butterscotch flavour which when added to cream is a lot like salted caramel. It may even be better than salted caramel. It’s somehow richer. Do not be put off thinking it is only used in savoury dishes. The ginger is a perfect match in this ice cream and I have used fresh ginger – which I infused in a syrup – and crystalised ginger which is added to the ice cream for flavour and subtle texture.

It’s incredibly creamy and mind blastingly tasty its hard to believe its made with only 5 ingredients.

ginger miso ice cream

It has taken me a couple of tests to get the sugar levels exactly right in this recipe. I also wanted the ginger to be prominent but not overpower the ice cream. I added a teaspoon of lime juice which brightens it up ever-so-slightly but this is not totally necessary. I am happy that I now have the flavour exactly where I want it and for me, this is the best ginger miso ice cream I have ever tasted. Not that I have ever tasted any other ginger miso ice creams before, so I can genuinely say this without hesitation.

The only miso paste I have found in South Africa is a light golden colour and not as white as the white miso paste I have seen in other countries but is perfect for this recipe. You should be able to get it at your nearest Asian supermarket.

To check out a no-churn ziplock bag ice cream method, you can check out this easy chocolate ice cream recipe (also vegan).

Recipe makes about 650ml

Ginger miso ice cream (vegan)
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  1. 150ml water
  2. 115g (1/2 a cup) sugar
  3. 5cm piece of ginger, peeled and sliced
  4. 400ml (1 tin) coconut milk
  5. 2T white miso paste
  6. 1Tbsp finely chopped or minced crystalised ginger
  7. 1t ginger syrup
  8. 1t fresh lime juice (optional)
  1. Bring the water, sugar and ginger to the boil in a small pot until the sugar has dissolved. Bash the ginger around with a blunt object. Allow the syrup to cool and the ginger to infuse further.
  2. Strain the syrup into a bowl and add the coconut milk, miso paste & crystalised ginger and gingersyrup. Whisk to ensure the miso is thoroughly incorporated. Add a teaspoon of lime juice (optional).
  3. Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and churn until it is a scoopable consistency. Remove and freeze until ready to serve.
  1. See above link to Chocolate ice cream to view instructions on how to make this ice cream by hand using ziplock bags and a food processor (there is a video inthat link too.
Drizzle and Dip

ginger miso ice cream

ginger miso ice cream

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  1. Oh wow, this sounds amazing. Or like that dude in the pizza ad says – ama-zing. So making this one this weekend!

  2. I can’t love this ice cream more!!! It’s got everything I like, and even better made without eggs or dairy.
    I have a friend with dietary problem, so she will be so happy I give her your blog URL 🙂
    Thank you SO MUCH

  3. Sam

    Thanks Pang – I love ice cream made with coconut milk – and I have another recipe for a lime and coconut ice cream on my site which is also delicious, vegan and super easy.

  4. Hi Sam.
    This ice cream looks sublime, even in the midst of winter!
    Your images are truly beautiful. What a gift.

  5. This look awesome! I love ice cream made from coconut milk but I never would have thought to use miso for ice cream.

  6. Yipee! Yipee!! this is an eggless ice cream recipe–wow Sam–i am so going to try this ASAP. & your pics are just amazing

  7. I would like to make this,but am confused about the 1tsp ginger syrup listed.Do you only use 1tsp of the syrup made in step 1?

  8. Sam

    Hi Anita – yes I add just 1 teaspoon of the syrup that the crystalised ginger is stored in to the mix.It has a lovely flavour. I added more before but it was too sweet.

  9. Sam

    Hi Mel its a spring back vintage scoop

  10. Super SHARP images! I LOVE ice cream of ANY flavor — although I don’t think I should start to make my own.
    Awesome ice cream scoop — must be worth a fortune!

  11. Sam

    HI Donna, yes it was one of the most expensive props Ive ever bought. But I couldnt resist. 🙂

  12. Kerry Ann

    What is miso
    Do you find this in Woolies or Coles

  13. Sam

    Hi Kerry Ann – I buy my miso at my local asian supermarket. We only get one kind in SA. its a light brown colour and I use that in all my recipes. I have never seen it at woolies.

  14. Sam

    HI Nancy, thanks so much, but please can you subscribe via my site. Look in the right hand column and enter your details under the ‘subscribe’ box. I cant do it for you. Nest

  15. Dara Christensen

    Still unclear as to when/how crystallized ginger is added? Is crystallized ginger sliced fine as garnish?

    To finish with a 650ml product, all the ginger syrup in step one must be added: 150ml water and 400ml coconut milk equals 650ml.

    The teaspoon of ginger syrup, you state, comes from crystallized ginger container. My crystallized ginger comes dry, covered with sugar.

  16. Sam

    Hi Dara, I have updated the recipe. You just need to add it into the ice cream with the miso. I had problems with my recipe plugin so had difficulty updating it. I hop eyou enjoy it!

  17. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for sharing this unique recipe, looks delicious! Just wondering if it’s possible to make this without an ice cream maker?

  18. Ah thanks so much for your speedy reply and helpful tip, excited to attempt homemade icecream very soon! Cheers!

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