my top 10 recipes for 2014

chickpea and chorizo tapas with sherry

I absolutely loved this year for so many reasons and not least of all because I got to cook and bake some incredible things. The one thing you can’t transfer in an image and a blog post is the taste of a dish, so I thought I’d share what my tastiest and favourite recipes for 2014 were. Recipes I have either made again or very much intend to.

Chickpeas with chorizo and sherry

This dish is definitely one of the tastiest and easiest to make with mostly store cupboard staples. A perfect tapas to share with crusty white bread or toast.

salmon burger on a black brioche bun with crunchy greens

Salmon burger on a black brioche bun

My love for bread baking has intensified this year, and these black squid ink brioche buns were a highlight for me. Drop dead gorgeous looking with a beautiful soft texture. The salmon burger is packed with flavour and topped with crunchy greens. I’m super proud of this recipe.

gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

Gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

I mastered steamed buns this year and tweaked my ginger beer pulled pork recipe by adding hoisin sauce and cooking it in a slow cooker for unbelievable results. I made this the other day again for a friends party and everyone went mad.

ginger miso ice cream

Ginger miso ice cream

I love the flavours and texture of this easy ice cream made with coconut milk and not cream.

coffee and spiced rub salmon tacos

Coffee and spiced rub salmon tacos

Fish tacos are my favourite and I loved the depth of flavour of this coffee spiked rub with the salmon.


Hot cross cinnamon sticky buns

These are a cross between a hot cross bun and a caramel sticky bun and I made them for easter. A total winner.

strawberry cheesecake with nut crumble

Strawberry cheesecake with a nutty crumble

This is the best crumble I have ever tasted so hence a favourite recipe. The strawberry cheesecake is light and delicious and is now my go-to for an unbaked cheesecake base

leek and cheese toasted sandwich

Toasted cheddar cheese sandwich with buttery leeks

I braised the leeks in butter until they were melt-in-the-mouth delicious and paired it with a sharp aged Cheddar.

perfect plum torte

Purple plum torte

This is a famous recipe on the interwebs and I have made it twice. seriously one of the easiest and best baked treats I’ve ever made.

pomegranate scones

Pomegranate scones

This is a fabulous sweet scone recipe and I love the pomegranate seeds that burst in your mouth as you eat them hot out the oven.

At this time of year I tend to reflect back on the past and take stock of where I’m ‘at’ and start making a long list of new years resolutions. I know this is mainly a waste of time because I hardly stick to them all, but I feel better knowing that I am at least thinking about making a few positive changes in my life. I wont bore you with all the details of my intentions to start swimming and learning Italian, but from a blog perspective I have so many wonderful plans and ideas. These are not really new years resolutions but rather stuff I have wanted to do and create anyway. Drizzle & Dip will be undergoing a much needed and huge make over in January and I cannot wait to launch my new site.

My second cook book launches in March next year and I’m beside myself with excitement about that too.

Thank you to everyone that visited, whether you left a comment or not, it was so lovely to have you here. My heart and soul is continuously warmed with all the connections I have made around the world through a shared love of cooking. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see more of here? (I’m probably going to be doing a load of healthier recipes in the coming months).

My journey as a photographer continues to grow and I will be sharing more of that of course.

With love and best wishes for a happy new year to you.

Sam x



  1. Wow these sound delicious Sam. Thanks. Will be trying the pulled pork this weekend. Hope all is well with you. Much love Carol

  2. I absolutely love your work, and this post is exactly all the reasons why. An incredible year of work, congratulations!

  3. Love your work and photographs. I have sent details of your blog to many of my friends to look at. Have made the pomegranate scones and they went down very well with my photography group!! Look forward to seeing all your work for 2015.

  4. I’m looking forward to your brand new look blog too. Your photography is stunning and your recipes are inspiring. Happy 2015!

  5. Some amazing looking recipes! Love your style!

  6. Everything looks wonderful! Glad I found your blog recently. Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks Annika – happy NY to you

  8. Thanks Meseidy 🙂

  9. Thanks Ann and a very happy NY to you 🙂

  10. Thanks Elna – so glad you enjoyed the scones. I made them over the holidays for my family but used chopped up preserved figs as I couldt find a pomegranate and they were delicious. Thanks for sharing my blog with your group too.

  11. Thanks so much Sarah – this has made my day as I am a HUGE fan of your site. I have the biggest sweet tooth and adore your recipes and writing style. Happy 2015 to you x

  12. Thanks so much Ev and a happy 2015 to you 🙂

  13. Thanks Rebecca and a very happy NY to you too 🙂

  14. hello carol – wow blast from the past, I hope you are well :-). Enjoy and thanks for the comment.

  15. All the best for 2015! Thanks for sharing your favorites – can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to with your new cookbook and ‘re-juvenated’ website. I love the simplicity of your recipes – packed with flavour!

  16. O my word Sam! I just looooove these recipes! Beautiful pics, as always! Happy 2015 to you!

  17. Happy 2015 to you Zirkie and thanks x

  18. Thanks so much Marie 🙂

  19. Happy new year ,delicious recipes .Greetings from Uruguay

  20. I have to say that the salmon burgers on black brioche buns were my favourite of your recipes this year Sam – I did make the brioche buns and they turned out perfectly!

  21. HI Thalia – thanks for letting me know – and so glad you enjoyed them. I’ll defs be making them again.

  22. Hi Mirta, greetings to you and happy 2015 🙂

  23. Happy New Year Sam,

    I looking forward to more of you inspiration in 2015 –

    the pulled pork is a firm favourite now.

    Thanks so much

  24. Made the Purple Plum Torte on boxing day for the family to round up the festive season on a very sweet note. It went down so well!!!!! Much to my surprise. Mom-in-law grew up with a few plum trees but never heard of a ‘plum tart’. After enjoying the torte I was named the ‘sugar-plum-princess’!!!!
    Love your blog. Good luck with all the new ventures.

  25. Hi Anneme – what a lovely story, thanks for letting me know. I made this again too, and by mistake added 2 tablesppons of lemon juice instead of teaspoons – but it still came out very well -just more lemony.

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