Ball jars are the original mason jar and I have been in love with them since I first started collecting kitchenalia way back when. The branding is iconic and hasn’t changed much since its first inception around 120 years ago in America. I’m lucky enough to have a few vintage pieces which I’ve used in my styling for ages so what a pleasure it has been to work with the brand as they launched into the South African market.

Ball Jars

I’ve styled a festive table with a few Ball Jars to inspire creative uses this season. Fill them with delicious spicy caramel popcorn, cookies or chocolates. They make fabulous vases for flower arrangements too.

flower arrangement in a Ball Mason Jar

a festive table with ball jars

This year I’ve embraced everything Christmas and done so way earlier than normal. I’m buying every sparkling string of lights I can find and I can’t wait to host a few festive parties under my frangipani tree. I love a white table with shiny lights, candles and small bunches of flowers. I love food on platters for sharing, and overall nothing too fussy. Its already such a crazy time of year, we really don’t need to be stressing too much with preparations.

Ball jar filled with cookies

a festive table with ball jars

Tear a piece off a smoked salmon or smoked trout ribbon and pop on a cracker with a dollop of horseradish cream or creme fraiche and horseradish, and scatter capers for an almost instant tasty nibble with drinks.

Ball Jar filled with chocolate balls

a festive table with ball jars

I hope you are having a sparkling festive time this season.

Twinkle Twinkle

Ball Jars filled with treats

This post has been sponsored by Ball Jars

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    Dear Sam,
    i too, love all jars. I know that I have written to you before about this, so I am sorry to be a pain. I have look in four PnPs and cannot find the Blue Book – please tell me which one has it. Many, many thanks,

  2. Sam

    Thanks so much Sara, lovely to have you stop by

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