super healthy green smoothie

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super healthy green smoothie


The base recipe for this super healthy green smoothie comes from a wonderful organic farm in Israel called Farma Cultura, located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv in the village of Bnei Zion. This little farm is exactly the kind of place you want to have right in your own neighbourhood. They grow an array of incredible organic produce and have a little shop on the property where they sell it along with various prepared dishes which are all freshly made by themselves. We popped in for a short visit while I was on my spectacular food tour to Israel in January and took a tour of the garden. Owner Gil Shacham-Amit and her husband made their green smoothie for us and it was delicious.

Farma Cultura, Israel

I have to guiltily declare that I had never ventured down the ‘green smoothie’ road because a the few I had tasted were ghastly. You know they are super healthy so you kind of grin and bear them, but for me, all food I ingest must be at least be marginally tasty otherwise there really is no point in consuming it. I also enjoy eating spinach and kale in their natural (solid) state, so turning towards smoothie-making has never been a priority.

Farma Cultura, Israel

Farma Cultura, Israel

Farma Cultura, Israel

Since I’ve been back though, I have enjoyed making a variety of green smoothies as it really is a great opportunity to use up any leftover green vegetables you have lying around the fridge, and if I’m honest and in a hurry, this is a great way for me to get a good whack of nutrition in a few easy to swallow sips.

You can play around adding whatever you like and use more fruit if you want your smoothie sweeter. The guys at Farma Cultura made their own almond milk by soaking almonds overnight in water and then grinding and straining out the liquid, but buying unsweetened almond milk is so much easier. You could also use dairy milk if you are not wanting to keep things vegan. I love to use mango as it has such a great texture when whizzed into a smoothie and I generally add about double what the recipe calls for. Adjust the amount of water, or ice to get to the level of thickness you like your smoothie to be.

Farma Cultura, Israel

Farma Cultura, Israel

Farma Cultura, Israel

Farma Cultura, Israel


A super healthy green smoothie

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  • 100 ml - 125ml almond milk
  • 2 medium lettuce leafs
  • 1 medium stem of celery
  • 25 gm parsley small bunch
  • 1 large spinach leaf
  • 125 g mango about 3/4 of a cup - or more
  • 125 ml ice water or ice
  • extra ice to serve optional


  • Place all of the above in a powerful blender and process until smooth.

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  1. Delicious. Not even 1 hour ago whilst walking through the family neighbours of Barcelona, we stopped by a juice shop where I picked out a red juice and my husband picked out what he thought was a green juice. It turns out it was a green juice with almond milk, which was the first time we had come across this. It was fantastic and more of a snack then just a refreshing drink.

  2. Yes, Elisha, its defintiely more of a snack than a drink if you think of what goes in it.

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