10 recipes to enjoy in may

cauliflower cake by ottolenghi

It’s hard to believe May is already here and even harder to believe that winter still hasn’t arrived properly in Cape Town. These late autumn heat waves are totally messing with my cold weather comfort food schedule and I really cant wait for the much-needed rain to set in. Anyway, here’s hoping this will all happen soon and these are 10 recipes that are perfect for May.

Spaghetti puttanesca

This is a perennial favourite and perfect for a quick and comforting week night supper

Spaghetti puttanesca

Pomegranate lemonade

Pomegranates are in season so its a great idea to make this lemonade. 

pomegranate lemonade

Mushroom & barley ‘risotto

This is one of my all-time favourite dishes to make as winter sets in. The Barley is so wholesome and nourishing with the mushrooms adding a big dose of umami. 

mushroom and barley risotto

Black mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese butter and dill

This is a heart and delicious vegetarian dish. 

black mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese butter and dill

Vanilla and quince cake

Quinces are in season so if you feel like baking an amazing cake with poached quinces, this is it.
Vanilla and quince cake

Ouefs en Meurette (eggs poached in red wine sauce)

Don’t be put off by the concept of this dish, its a classic french dish that is just oh so very delicious (if you like eggs of course). 

Ouefs en Meurette (eggs poached in red wine sauce)

Oat, raisin & almond cookies

Stock up the cookie jar now with these heart cookies with oats.

The best oatmeal, raisin & almond cookies

Ottolenghi’s cauliflower cake

One of my favourtite vegetarian dishes to make to impress

cauliflower cake by ottolenghi

The world’s best ever oven roasted cauliflower

There really is no better way to eat a cauliflower and this is the word famous recipe for it.

how to make the very best whole roasted cauliflower in the world

Lemony chicken piccata

Who doesn’t want a very zesty but creamy piece of chicken?

Delicious lemony chicken piccata is a quick and easy week night supper



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  1. I like the look of the Mushroom Risotto and the Cauliflower Cake – thank you; I will try both!

  2. Awesome Candy – enjoy!

  3. As usual I just adore your cooking and you always inspire me to get busy in the kitchen

  4. Thanks for the delicious cauliflower recipes …. I’m SO into cauliflower…. can’t wait to try them!!

  5. I can’t wait to try the cauliflower and I need to cool off with your pomegranate lemonade – so pretty and so refreshing!

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