Even though sandwiches are things made on the fly, where we slap a few ingredients between slices for a quick lunch, I always like to go the extra mile and make something more special. This grilled jalapeño popper grilled cheese with bacon is just such a sandwich and it’s utterly delicious. It takes flavours from a jalapeño popper and blends it into a grilled cheese that melts into perfection between two slices of your favourite bread. You in?

jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

I’ve been dying to make my version of this sandwich for a while now and since my fridge had an unusually large amount of cheese leftover from the weekend’s pizza party with the family, I thought to go for it today. I used a combination of mozzarella for the meltiness and cheddar for the flavour. I then added cream cheese to help bind it all together and add extra creaminess, but not too much. You don’t want the sandwich to lose all self-control. Bacon had to go in too, and I fried two slices of back bacon until very crispy. I used two fresh jalapeños which I grilled over a flame on my gas hob until charred. I’m a wimp when it comes to heat from a chilli, so I found these two worked perfectly to deliver an adequate bite without taking my roof off. I took the seeds out too. If you like things spicier, keep the seeds in the mix. 

I didn’t want to be so passé and stab a knife through the middle of my sandwich but in the end, it really held my melty stack together so well and made the image more impactful. #sorrynotsorry

jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with baconjalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

Tips to consider when making this Jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwich:

  • I find melting the butter in the microwave before and then brushing it over the bread a good way to get a thin even layer. My kitchen is so cold at the moment and the out-the-fridge butter is like a rock.
  • Leave off the bacon to make this grilled cheese vegetarian.

Recipe makes 2 – 3 sandwiches depending on how cheesy you  want it or how big your slices of bread are:


jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

  • Author: Sam Linsell


46 slices of bread

butter to spread

2 jalapeno chillis

2 slices of back bacon – or 34 slices of streaky

1 cup loosely packed grated/shredded mozzarella

1 cup loosely packed grated /shredded Cheddar

1/4 cup cream cheese


Char chillis over an open flame until blackened and then place in a plastic bag to sweat for 10 minutes. Remove and scrape off the back skin. You can also do this in the oven or under a grill but it takes longer. Remove the stalk and scrape out the seeds. Chopp very finely.

While this is going on, fry the bacon until crispy. Drain on kitchen paper and set aside to cool.

In a bowl add the cream cheese, chopped chilli and bacon and mix well. Add the grated cheese and mix again until well combined. You will have a very thick paste.

Heat your sandwich press or a non-stick skillet, and assemble the sandwiches. Butter the outside slices and cook until golden brown and all the cheese has melted in the middle.

jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon



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  1. Oh yummy….. that is just perfect for a chilly, rainy day treat!

  2. So simple, but so brilliant. I’ve done versions of this, but I never thought to chop the bacon and jalapeño, so mine tended to not stay together well. Thanks for solving that problem!

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