My best cake recipes

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The best tres leches cake on the internet

I round up a collection of my best cake recipes on It started out with just the top 10, now it’s expanded a bit as it’s impossible to keep cake to a top 10 list.

The best ever tres leches cake that is actual a seis leches cake

Made with 6 kinds of milk this is a moist showstopper that is magnificent to eat. The end.

A tres leches layered cake with caramel

The best coffee Tres Leches cake with dalgona cream

Coffee adds a delicious twist to a classic Tres leches cake and I made it in a small square tin.

A recipe for the best coffee tres leches cake with whipped dalgona cream

Maybe the best chocolate cake in the world by Ina Garten

Maybe the best chocolate cake recipe in the world by Ina Garten

Orange cake with orange buttercream frosting

From my second cookbook ‘Sweet’ this cake hits my love for orangey baked things head-on and has an orange buttercream too.

Orange cake with orange buttercrem from Sweet - By Sam Linsell

Victorian sponge cake with strawberry jam

This is the best version of this recipe that I know.

Victorian sponge cake with strawberry jam recipe

My best carrot cake recipe

My best carrot cake recipe

The best hummingbird sheet cake

I adapted my favourite hummingbird cake recipe and made it a sheet cake. So easy to feed a crowd. The cream cheese buttercream frosting is delicious and my go-to.

A hummingbird sheet cake ona cooling rack

Orange & Campari cake

Another cake with orange flavours and a hit of boozy Campari. It’s also gluten-free and makes a delicious dessert to round off a meal.

orange & campari cake

Madeleine’s with lemon & lavender

I love little cakes as much as big ones and this Madeleine recipe is a total keeper. You can mix up the flavours to whatever you like.

An easy recipe for madeleines with lavender & lemon sugar

Lemon poppyseed madeleines

Lemon & poppy seed madeleines with a lemon glaze recipe

Hummingbird cake

Pineapple and banana cake with a cream cheese frosting, I can’t even count how many compliments I have received for this cake. It’s probably in the top three. See the sheet cake version above.

The famous purple plum torte

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve made this torte and it’s so easy to whip up. Whenever plums are in season this gets whipped up and is perfect to serve as dessert with chantilly cream.

The perfect plum torte recipe

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Back in the day when I had my little cupcake business these were a winner and defs the best red velvet cake I’ve ever encountered.

The best red velvet cupcake recipe

Clementine upside-down cakes

These little mini clementine upside-down cakes have been a huge hit on my website over the years

Clementine upside down cakes

The ultimate chocolate cake

This cake is one of the densest chocolate cakes I’ve ever made and teeters on the edge of the brownie territory. Be warned it is decadent to the max.

The River Cafe chocolate nemesis

This cake is a legend. From the famous misprinting in the book to the replication across the globe, it’s one of the most lovely cakes you will ever make. It’s more of a baked chocolate mousse than a sponge cake, but a cake it is and I literally dream of making it again.

*The image for this cake is missing because even though I tried to re-edit the jpeg version I had it is still not good enough. Don’t let that put you off though, the cake is spectacular.

My Best ever-baking recipes

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