10 summer fruit recipes you should be making

mango and passionfruit yoghurt brûlée

I’m not the biggest fan of summer but I am the biggest fan of summer fruit. I start mourning stone fruit as soon as they disappear from the shelves and I know we are in for a long few apple & citrus-laden months. This is a great time of year to really get stuck into summer’s bounty because there is plenty around, so I rounded up 10 of my favourite recipes with summer fruit. Also, this morning I could feel that first tinge of autumn in the air with an ever-so-slight chill, so we are running out of time here. 

Mango, passion fruit & yoghurt brûlée

Mangoes are at their very best right now and I ate one so perfect the other day I wanted to cry. This is one fruit that doesn’t benefit from cooking and is perfect on its own. I love this brûlée technique with yoghurt and palm sugar that forms a delicious caramel topping but doesn’t really interfere with the integrity of the fruit. The passion fruit takes it to a whole new tropical fruit level.

Mango and passionfruit yoghurt brûlée

Nectarine, blueberry & bourbon pie

Nectarine, blueberry & bourbon pie recipe

Strawberry cheesecake with a nutty crumble

This is my favourite unbaked cheesecake recipe and the nut crumble the best I’ve encountered. Its really easy to knock little dishes of this up and you are seriously going to impress anyone you feed it to. I promise. I also made a lemon version if that appeals to you more).

Strawberry cheesecake with nut crumble

Raspberry Soufflé

This is like eating a raspberry cloud and is easy and super impressive.

Raspberry soufflé

Raspberry & limoncello ice cream

While we are on the topic of raspberries, this is a vibrant and delicious ice cream with a hit of boozy limoncello. 

Raspberry ice cream with limoncello

Purple plum torte

This recipe for purple plum torte that is super famous on the internet is in my all-time favourite top 5 baking recipes. I make it every year when dark plums are in season. Like now. The fruit bakes into delectable jam-like pools and its utterly irresistible. 

The perfect plum torte recipe

Plum tarte tatin

Plum tarte tatin recipe

Pomegranate scones

This is my all-time fave sweet scone recipe and the pomegranate seeds burst in your mouth in the most delightful way. 

Pomegranate scones

Passion fruit meringue ice cream

Here I combined passion fruit curd with crunchy meringue in creamy ice cream and it’s so delicious.

Passion fruit meringue ice cream

Blueberry muffins with oats & almond

I’ve been all over blueberries lately and I love this easy muffin recipe with oats and almond. 

Blueberry muffins with oats & almond

Crimson grape sorbet

This recipe has only 5 ingredients and is made from crimson (red) grapes which are in full season now. 


Apricots poached in chamomile tea with vanilla

This is a delightful way to poach apricots and extract all their vibrant flavour. Delicious served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Apricots poached in chamomile tea with vanilla

Apricots poached in chamomile tea with vanilla

Summer fruit salad with ginger mint & lime dressing:

This is my favourite fruit salad recipe. The flavour-packed dressing is a game-changer when it comes to fruit salad

Kiwi sorbet with lemon:

A healthy and easy Kiwi sorbet with lemon recipe

Easy plum muffins

Easy plum muffins with a hint of lemon & cinnamon recipe

Roast plum ice cream with cinnamon & bay

Roast plum ice cream with cinnamon & bay recipe

Easy passion fruit curd

Easy passion fruit curd recipe

Best cherry galette

With a flaky crispy sour cream pastry that is so easy to make.

The best cherry galette recipe


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  1. Summer fruit recipes are the best, I can’t wait to try your raspberry souffles and ice cream!

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