The beauty of cooking chicken Sous Vide in advance of braaing/ barbequing is ensuring the chicken is one hundred percent cooked through without burning the crust due to the sugar content in the marinade. Through this Instant Pot Sous Vide method and controlled temperature level, the chicken will be cooked through but very tender, so the skewers don’t require much time on the fire. You simply want to baste and cook them until just starting to char. You can make and Sous Vide the chicken in advance. The soy ginger, honey and lime is a simple flavour packed marinade that is perfect for summer.

How to Sous Vide chicken kebabs in the Instant Pot with a soy, ginger, honey & lime recipe

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Sous Vide chicken kebabs with soy, ginger, honey & lime recipe

Sous Vide chicken kebabs with soy, ginger, honey & lime recipe

You can marinate the chicken overnight, just leave the lime juice out adding that back in just before cooking.

How to make sous vide chicken kebabs with soy ginger, honey & lime


Serves 2 (makes 3 big kebabs/skewers)


Sous Vide chicken kebabs with soy, ginger, honey & lime

How to make Sous Vide chicken kebabs with soy, ginger, honey & lime in the Instant Pot. 

  • Author: Sam Linsell
  • Yield: 3 Kebabs


Chicken kebabs:

500gms – 550gms skinless, boneless chicken breast meat

Lime wedges to serve


2 Tbsp soy sauce

3 Tbsp honey

Zest and juice of a limes

2 garlic cloves, crushed

2 tsp grated ginger

1 Tbsp sunflower oil

2 tsp sriracha hot sauce (or more if you like it hotter)


Cut the chicken thighs in half and place in a Ziploc or vacuum sealer bag.

Fill the bowl of your Instant Pot to the 2/3 level.

Make the dressing by adding all the ingredients to bowl and whisking. Pour half of the sauce into the bag with the chicken and seal via a vacuum sealer or the displacement method (dropping the bag into water displacing as much air as possible and then sealing). Submerge the bag into the water ensuring the seal is above the water level. Close the lid of the Instant Pot.

Set the Sous Bide function to temperature 65C / 149F and the time for 1 hour 30 minutes.

After the time is reached the Instant Pot will beep. Remove the bag of chicken meat and thread onto the skewers.

Heat the remaining half of the marinade in a small pot until it thickens. You can add some of the liquid from the chicken to thin it down.

Baste the chicken with the marinade and cook briefly over a fire or a griddle pan.

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Sous Vide chicken kebabs with soy, ginger, honey & lime recipe


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  1. These are beautiful. I have a sous vide, but don’t own an instapot. I asked Santa for a sous vide for years, and finally got one. Now my husband is truly happy I have one – I think he wasn’t sure I needed another cooking appliance! Great recipe!

  2. Lesley Fenn

    Interesting way of cooking…..but is it healthy cooking in plastic?

  3. Sam

    Hi Lesley as long as its all food-grade plastic (which most bags are) then its fine

  4. Michelle S

    This looks so amazing. Can the chicken be cooked ahead then frozen in the pouch? Then thawed and finished on the grill? Thank you in advance.

  5. Sam

    Hi Michelle – you can defintely freeze the chicken after it has been sous vide and thaw and grill later.

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