Cauliflower seems to be the most versatile vegetable on the planet. It masquerades as a carb when you turn it into rice, cous-cous or mash. It can morph into a delicious alfredo-style sauce and pairs really well with cheese. Ottolenghi even made it into the most delicious cake. I love it roasted whole with just olive oil using this famous recipe and it’s always wonderful in a stir fry. I knew that crumbing and deep-frying it would be a winning formula too and which is why I chose to do this Bang-Bang cauliflower as my third recipe with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. I made a sweet & spicy dipping sauce because obviously you want to dip these golden crunchy nuggets into something delicious.

On Friday I had the privilege of eating at La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek for the first time. I was invited to experience their winter special menu which runs until 31 August and I was blown away. Every course was inspired and utterly delicious. You are taken on a eating journey that tantalizes every tastebud and it was hard to pick out a favourite. But you don’t need to because they are all quite different and rattle your mind as much as your palate. The dessert brought tears to my eyes because I was so happy to be experiencing something so incredible and sad at the same time as I am unlikely to every eat this exact dish again. They change the dishes on their menu fairly often to keep it fresh.

When you are cooking chicken and rice, especially a one-pot wonder like this, you want to pack as much flavour in as possible. Jamaican jerk chicken is one of the most delicious dishes you can make and I absolutely adore it. It really is a festival of flavour in one dish. Ginger, garlic, lime, cinnamon, soy and thyme punctuate the chicken as it marinades overnight. All these delicious aromatics then get cooked into the rice so nothing goes to waste and every last morsel of flavour is absorbed.

I visited the quaint seaside town of Saldanha Bay for the first time last weekend and by Sunday I realized I needed another trip to do all the things I missed. I was invited to attend the first Saldanha Experience; an epicurean event designed to showcases the food of this West Coast Town. Comprising of two long table gatherings and a boat trip into the bay, it was wonderful and delicious. It also included a stay at The Blue Bay Lodge & Resort, which is right on the beach and going to sleep with the sea below my window was a real treat.

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing the new winter Prix Fixe menu at The Shortmarket Club and it blew me away. I loved last years menu which was hearty and delicious, but with this years menu chef Wesley Randles knocked it out the park. I’m not sure if its because he’s been to Bali three times this year and is only just back from his recent trip, but the Asian flavours that peppered the dishes are inspired

These pork burgers are packed with sage and green apple adding so much juiciness and flavour. They kind of remind me of my giant pork sausage rolls. A food item I daydream about on a regular basis. I cook the onion and apple with the sage first so it softens the texture and melts into the pork meat before they are turned into burgers and hit the grill. A crunchy and spicy chipotle slaw with fennel, more green apple and coriander make this a very delicious burger.