It’s been one month to the day that I returned from my trip to Amsterdam and Paris and sadly it feels like a lifetime ago. I love the halo feeling after a holiday abroad when the memories linger for a few weeks making the whole thing stretch out. I love the joy of buying my first bottle of wine in a restaurant when I get back and revel in how inexpensive it is compared to Europe, and I rejoice that I can eat in world-class restaurants and drink amazing wine for a third of the price. As much as I adore the place, this is definitely a highlight of living in South Africa. I have been trying to edit my images bit by bit and each time I do, all the memories came flooding back. I’m excited to be able to share (at long last) my first set of pics from Amsterdam and of a foodie place I really enjoyed while I was there. The Foodhallen is a must visit place in Amsterdam.