gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

by Sam on August 18, 2014

gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

Yes, this is definitely right up there amongst the most tasty and interesting things I’ve made in a while. The pork cooks in a slow cooker for about 9 hours, so virtually no effort is required. It pulls apart into its own completely delicious sweet and spicy sauce. The steamed buns need a little effort, but after two tries, both successful, I will definitely be making these again.

I made the pulled pork in the Breville Slow Cooker slow cooker and was the first recipe I have ever made in such an appliance. I am sold. You put all the ingredients into the pot; turn it onto low and go to sleep. When you wake up the next day, your house smells  like something amazing happened and all you do is turn it off and you are ready to go. This makes more pulled pork than the recipe for 12 buns requires. I feel its worth making a bigger portion as its so delicious. You could double up on the buns, or freeze off any leftover posk. It lasts for days and there are so many exciting ways to use these up. [click to continue…]


tapas of chickpeas and chorizo with sherry

by Sam on August 11, 2014

chickpea and chorizo tapas with sherry

I think this has to be the tastiest chickpea dish I have ever made, and I cant wait to make it again. Slightly spicy with loads of flavour, it makes a fabulous tapas for three or four people. I love to serve this with a good dollop of creme fraiche and a few sprigs of fresh coriander. It sort of takes the flavours from a smokey Spanish vibe to that of central America and Mexico. Scoop it onto slices of toasted baguette which adds crunch and mops up the juices.

Sherry is  making a comeback on the worlds cocktail and bar scene with this retro drink becoming trendy again. The name Sherry is protected as a designation of origin fortified wine, and is made only in the ‘sherry triangle’ made up of the three centres for Sherry making, Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria which fall on the South Western coast of Spain. Sanlucar is on the Andalusian Atlantic coast where sea breezes are said to add to the tangy salt aromas and flavours of, particularly, a dry Sherry – which is why salty almonds, slices of jamon, chourizo and olives are such a perfect accompaniment. [click to continue…]


vegetarian mushroom burger with pesto

This succulent roasted mushroom burger is so full of flavour and umami it’s as delicious as a good beef burger to me. With a thick layer of melted mozzarella it will make any meat lover feel utterly satisfied.

This is one of my recipes I developed for Pesto Princess using their phenomenal range of fresh pesto’s. Each month I work with designer and art director Roxanne Spears of Good Design to style and shoot the recipe-of-the month for the Pesto Princess mailer. Some of the time I do the recipes too. You can can subscribe to their mailing list to get a recipe in your mail box each month or like their Facebook page which is full of amazing ideas with pesto. Michael Olivier the wine guru offers up advise on what to drink with each of the recipes.  [click to continue…]


red wine chicken casserole with herb dumplings

red wine chicken casserole with herby dumplings

This is a super easy and tasty ‘coq au vin’ style casserole that cooks slowly until the chicken falls off the bone. The herb dumplings turn it onto a hearty winter dish, but you can leave this out and serve it with mashed potatoes, cous-cous or rice instead.

I made this in my new Breville Multi Chef, which is a fantastic stand-alone cooking appliance. It can make risotto perfectly and generally appears to be the all-round-perfect-rice-cooker-machine. I can’t wait to get busy with recipes for these. It has a steamer basket that can steam anything imaginable in, and it’s also a slow cooker with two settings. Low slow and high slow, so a nice crock-pot for lengthy slow cooking using smaller quantities. I opted for the high slow setting, and cooked this red wine chicken casserole for a total of 2 hours 45 minutes. I love it when the meat starts falling off the bone. [click to continue…]


strawberry syrup

Strawberry milkshake with strawberry syrup

how to make strawberry syrup

how to make strawberry syrup from fresh strawberries

I was beyond delighted when Food52 asked me to write a featured article for their site. Not only is it one of my favourite food websites (in the world), the recipe they suggested I do was strawberry syrup. I immediately imagined pink and red milkshake swirls and the delicious syrup poured over ice cream and a waffle. My foodstyling heart did a skip and a jump. [click to continue…]