hot cross cinnamon sticky buns

by Sam on April 16, 2014





If a hot cross bun and a sticky cinnamon bun had a baby, this would be the result. It’s all kinds of fresh bread heaven, cross buttery caramel goodness, with raisins and citrus flavours thrown in for good Easter measure.

So I have been planning this recipe for absolute ages and since it’s the only Easter recipe I’m doing this year I wanted to make sure it was 100% perfect. I researched extensively and settled on 2 recipes as my base inspiration. I went forth and made the dough, allowed it to prove for hours then kept it in the fridge overnight as many recipes recommend. Took it out the next day. Let it prove further, before baking it off. I also tested 3 caramel topping recipes. I didn’t want the honey flavour, and I wanted the consistency to be perfect. I still was not completely happy with the overall result. The cinnamon buns tasted great but they were not the feathery-light brioche dough that I was looking for.

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boiled-eggs-with-asapragus-pancetta-and parmesan-bread-fingers

This simple but tasty twist on boiled egg and soldiers will turn your breakfast from something ordinary into something quite extraordinary. The lightly roasted asparagus with crispy pancetta, and the Parmesan toast fingers go so well with the soft-boiled egg, you will be dipping and licking your lips until ever scrap is finished.

This lovely recipe comes from Nina Timm’s new cookbook Easy Cooking from Nina’s Kitchen, based on her popular South Africa foodblog ‘My Easy Cooking’. I found myself unable to stop snacking on these tasty Parmesan toast fingers at her book launch recently, so am delighted she agreed to let me share the recipe. [click to continue…]


nicoise salad with grilled tuna steaks

by Sam on April 10, 2014


This classic nicoise salad comes from Daniel Galmiche’s French Brasserie Cookbook which is all about French home cooking at its best. Despite Daniel being a Michelin starred chef, he put together a collection of favourite recipes that are accessible to any keen cook. Heston Blumenthal wrote the foreword to the book, and says: ‘It is practical, unfussy and easy to use but, most satisfyingly, it is full of inspiring recipes that will immediately transport you to a French breasserie in your own home’.


He starts off with a few basics like stocks, sauces and pastry which are essential in many classic French dishes, and then moves through: starters, meat, poultry and game, fish and shellfish, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and salads and desserts. [click to continue…]

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I adapted one my favourite fruit cakes – my pineapple and banana cake – to make this apple and banana rendition. I wanted to make a cake that would work perfectly with a delicious caramel frosting, and since both apples and bananas totally rock with caramel, I have a  winner. [click to continue…]


instagram moments | summer

by Sam on April 4, 2014





IG collage

I’m sad to say goody to summer, but I love autumn and will embrace winter.

A few of my summer moments captured on my iPhone. Follow me on Instagram. – DrizzleandDip