10 minute peach jam with red muscadel


I’ve been on a mission to reduce the levels in my freezers and I found a bag of peaches I had frozen in summer. They were de-pipped and sliced into eighths, so the idea to make my quick and easy jam sprang to mind. I love my small batch quick jam recipes as the effort is minimal and the reward so delicious. The fruit cooks in about 8 – 10 minutes max and the jam is far more about the fruit and less about the sugar than long-cook jam recipes which require a 1:1 ratio of fruit to sugar. Here I use a 3:1 ratio. Continue Reading →


eat nyc

the Manhattan skyline, NYC

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

I can’t believe its taken me two months to put up my pics from my trip to NYC, but here they are. Life kind of swept me away when I got back, but I’ve managed to catch my breath, take a break and finally get to a few projects on the back burner.

Manhattan, NYC

I was invited to the ultra fabulous Uncork’d event in Vegas at the end of April, so it just made sense to bolt on a week in the amazing New York City before. I hadn’t been for many years so it was like rediscovering it for a first time. I skipped a lot of the very touristy things as I had done these before, and spent a lot of time walking, eating, walking and walking and then eating some more. Traveling on ones own is a unique experience. You feel more like an explorer than a tourist. It can get lonely, but luckily I met so many cool people along the way to make it all quite awesome. My desire to be in new places far outweighs any apprehension I might have about doing it alone.

Manhattan, NYC

The other reason why it took me so long is that I wanted to make a little film with the footage I shot on my GoPro. Editing this presented a major challenge for me, so it got shelved until now. I’m struggling through the steep learning curve of new technology and wanting to create more motion content for my travel stories. But here it is, my little film from New York. Continue Reading →


eataly, nyc

Eataly, NYC

On my recent trip to NYC, Eataly was definitely a highlight for me. This Fine Italian food emporium which features several in-shop restaurant concepts is next level stuff. I stopped and enjoyed a pizza, a glass of wine and a salted caramel gelato which was one of the best scoops I’ve ever tasted. I also took so many pics of this incredible place that I thought it deserved its own blog post.

This is what it is all about: Continue Reading →


visit graciales at peddlars & co

Graciales, Pedllars & Co, Constantia, Cape Town

I recently enjoyed a lazy Sunday tapas lunch at the new Graciales at Peddlars & Co in Constantia and it was superb. It’s actually more small plate dining vs tapas in my opinion as the portions are fairly generous. I went with a friend and we shared 5 dishes and a dessert which was more than ample. Nibbling slowly with a good few glasses of wine you could probably even do 4. This is my favourite way of eating and exploring multiple flavours and textures in one meal.

Graciales, Pedllars & Co, Constantia, Cape Town
Brad Ball knows how to cook pork to perfection so the sticky pork belly was sublime and served with a black bean paste to balance it all out. The ribs were equally good. His signature beef tataki is on the menu and should not be missed and is packed with vibrant Asian flavours. The dhal lentils were excellent  too (and I’m not the biggest fan of lentils). The dish is made with black lentils which retain some of their texture.

The space is light and casual and I highly recommend this addition to the renovated Peddlars property with the contemporary Italian restaurant Volare, The outdoor Oak terrace and the Local pub.
Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the excellent cocktail menu. I had the Basil melon daisy which was every kind of wonderful. Complex and layered made with Inveroche gin.
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rustic lamb pie

Lamb pie

We are in throes of winter here in South Africa and this rustic lamb pie with a potato galette topping is the perfect comfort dish to cosy up with. It’s also a wonderful way to feed a crowd. You can make most of it in advance, allowing the meat to slowly braise while you get on doing other things. Like sipping red wine in front of a fire.

The recipe comes from my first cookbook ‘Drizzle and Dip‘ and is a favourite of mine. I have also had excellent feedback from others who have made it. Continue Reading →


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