fudge with vanilla and chocolate malt balls

fudge with chocolate malt balls

When deciding what to call this recipe I realised people know these gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth chocolate covered malt balls by different names. In America they are Whoppers, in the UK they are Maltesers, and in South Africa they are known as Whispers or chocolate Malted Puffs. Anyway, whatever you call them, they totally rock when added to a classic fudge recipe.

classic fudge with chocolate malted balls

It took  while and a few trials to settle on my favourite fudge recipe which I included in my latest cookbook ‘Sweet’. Here I have added a double dose of vanilla to the recipe, which I didnt in my book. More recently I have come to adore vanilla flavoured fudge. I also love fudge with things added to it. It takes away some of the cloying sweetness that it tends to have. Continue Reading →


visit indochine at delaire graff estate

Indochine, Delaire Graff Estate

I had the absolute privilege of visiting Indochine at Delaire Graff Estate on Friday to shoot a few of the new winter menu dishes on a photogrpahy assignment. It was also my first time at this exquisite Asian inspired fine dining restaurant with beautiful artwork and views.

Indochine, Delaire Graff Estate

Indochine, Delaire Graff Estate

Virgil Khan, Head Chef at Indochine crafts dishes that are Asian inspired with a South African spin. The menu is healthy and light with the most robust flavours I have encountered in a long time. Each mouthful was an explosion of taste and I was blown away by the originality of the food. Some of the most interesting and inspired dishes I have tasted in a while. Continue Reading →


tigers milk – its a cocktail and its a restaurant

Tigers Milk - its a cocktail

I was introduced to this cocktail at the opening of the fabulous new Tigers Milk on Long street in Cape Town and it was love at first sip. Its got tequila, sharp lime flavours and an undertone of coriander with a hint of chilli. Coconut milk and fresh pineapple juice smooth things out making this my new favorite tequila drink.

Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

Tigers Milk  or leche de tigre, is the Peruvian name for the marinade used to cure cerviche. Basically the delicious juice that is left behind when you eat this stunning seafood dish, and one of my absolute obsessions (heres my recipe for it). This cocktail takes aspects of these flavours and makes it more drinkable. You can adjust the quantities to suit your taste buds. Add more tequila and lime if you like it stronger and less pineapple juice if you dont want it too sweet. I played around with the ingredients a few times and came up with something I really like. Or, if you are in Cape Town, pop on over to Tigers Milk and get them to make you their version.

The mushroom burger at Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

I shot some of the menu and stunning interior at this funky new Cape town spot last week, and these are my pics. The food is unashamedly ‘dude food’ and exactly what I like to eat when I’m out for a few drinks. The burgers are delicious and if you like truffle, the truffle mushroom burger with bacon is insanely good. Served with home-made french fries which makes all the difference. The pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven and have crispy thin bases and tasty toppings such as lamb shank and pork belly. They do steak, ribs and prawns and a few other delicious things. Bar food with a bit of class. Continue Reading →


sweet potato shoestring fries with garlic and rosemary

purple sweet potato shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic

Two things transpired causing this recipe to happen in my life. Firstly, I went to the Spotted Pig when I was in NYC recently and their shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic blew me away. Secondly, I went shopping with my friend Shanna from PineappleandCoconut.com while in Vegas for Uncork’d and we stumbled upon these purple sweet potatoes. I had never tasted or seen them before so just had to buy them. I knew I was with a foodie kindred spirit when she didnt flinch at me buying poatatoes to transport half way round the world. Continue Reading →


visit glen carlou

View from Glen CarlouGlen Carlou

Glen Carlou

I hadn’t been to Glen Carlou for so long it may as well have been my fist visit. I have however been enjoying their wines over the years so was excited to try their food. Along with a few media peoople, I went to taste the new winter menu last week and was so impressed. Continue Reading →


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