pina colada popsicles

by Sam on October 22, 2014

pina colada popsicles

These are the popsicle equivalent of the quintessential cocktail and are a perfect summer treat for adults. They could not be easier to whip up. Hold the rum to make them kid friendly.

pina colada popsicles

I’ve been working on a project with Breville South Africa developing recipes using their top-of-the-range appliances (I mean – insert *dream project* right here) and the Breville Juice and Blend is one of my favourite of them all. I had been struggling along with a juicer that was made circa 1998 and required brute force to get liquid extracted from even the softest fruit. I am blown away with how my new juicer just devours fruit turning it into liquid gold in a matter of seconds. I am convinced this thing could pull water out of a stone. It’s hardly surprising it is one of their best sellers. When it comes to juice extractors you really want a powerful machine for the job, trust me. [click to continue…]


how to make an aperol spritz

by Sam on October 20, 2014

How to make an Aperol Spritz

A Spritz is a classic Venetian drink that is made with either Campari or Aperol. I prefer the latter as its slightly less bitter and has a lovely citrusy flavour note. You can make it with either white wine or a sparkling wine like Prosecco. It’s not necessary to use Champagne or Cap Classique here as it would be overkill, but I definitely like the fizzy aspect. You then top it up with a good splash of soda water and garnish is with a slice of lemon. In Italy they sometimes add a large green olive (or two)– drained of its brine. Im assured that this is utterly delicious and I wish I had added them here. It’s the perfect drink for summer.

how to make an Aperol Spritz

How to make an Aperol Spritz

How to make an Aperol Spriyz, a classic Venetian drink

Emma Freddi introduced me to this lovely aperitif a few weeks ago when I attended a pasta making class at her home in Constantia. It was the perfect way to kick off a glorious afternoon of pasta making and eating. [click to continue…]


easy butternut scones with cheese and chives

scones with butternut, cheese and chives

The food internet is going completely stark raving mad over pumpkin right now. Well in America anyway. This happens at this time every year. If there was any more pronounced way to signal Fall, Halloween and thanksgiving, bright orange pumpkin recipes in ever permutation is it. Despite us heading towards summer in South Africa, I felt like making a version of my very popular easy pumpkin scones with Parmesan and thyme from last year. I wanted to use butternut which is more of a staple than pumpkin here, and mix up the cheese a bit. I also adore cheese and chives together, so these were the bomb.

Oh, and baking makes me happy.

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toasted sandwich with truffled mushrooom and Taleggio cheese

toasted sandwich with truffled mushrooom and Taleggio cheese

I was inspired to make these mini truffled mushroom and Taleggio cheese toasties after eating something similar at Bistro 1682 a couple of weeks ago. Theirs was a truffled grilled cheese with Taleggio on focaccia served with hot tomato oil for dipping, and was insanely delicious. I thought I’d make my version on slices of baguette, which were nice and crispy, but making a toasted sandwich using focaccia and frying it, then cutting into oozy strips was softer and a little more decadent. Anyway, you get the idea. I suggest you get on over to Bistro 1682 and enjoy their small plate menu which is available from 16h30 – 20h30 every day of the week.


trout brandade at Bistro 1682, Steenberg Estate

Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

Bitro 1682, Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

I was invited with a small group of travel and lifestyle bloggers to a week end on this beautiful estate, the oldest wine estate in the Cape in actual fact, to immerse ourselves in everything this stunning farm has to offer. Right on our doorstep, you literally check out of the city and BAM you are in the country. [click to continue…]


easy fridge pickles

by Sam on October 8, 2014

easy pickles

hot dog with easy zucchini friidge pickles

These pickles are super easy to make and are ready to eat within a day or two but can last for a few weeks. Finely slice the vegetables, stuff tightly into a sterilized jar or two and top up with the hot pickling brine. That’s it.

I made them all in my Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro, which comes with an array of attachments but I just used the slicer on a thin setting. It literally does all the work for you. You can finely slice a fennel bulb or a cup of radishes in a matter of seconds. Like 5 seconds. I’m not joking. [click to continue…]