the bloody mary burger

The Bloody Mary Burger

This is the recipe for a Bloody Mary burger and it comes from Jan Braai’s fabulous new cook book ‘The Democratic Republic of Braai’. For anyone not living in South Africa, braai means barbecue here and its pretty much a national sport. Its Jan’s mission to unite all South African’s around a fire to celebrate our nation and our heritage. And of course to eat delicious food cooked over the flames. This Jan’s third braai cookbook and I have to agree with him when he says its his best. Although packed with simple recipes using easily accessible ingredients, the book is creative and has a distinct edge. In fact I’ll go so far as to say its the most exciting cookbook published this year (apart from mine of course). Continue Reading →


pear mince pies

pear mince pies

Making my own fruit mince for mince pies has been on my food bucket list for so many years I couldn’t let another Christmas go by without giving it a go. As with all things home-made the outcome was predictable with this mince being so superior to commercial fruit mince I will never buy it again. I love how it includes pears which softens the mix slightly, but all the spice and flavour remains intact..

pear mince pies in the making

The recipe comes from The Ball Blue Book, Guide to Preserving which I have now read cover to cover. It really is the most comprehnesive preserving book filled with delicious recipes. It includes chapters on all types of preserving from water bath (which are the recipes I have done so far on Drizzle and Dip), pressure cooker preserving, freezing and even dehydrating. I’m thrilled that I’m learning the craft of preserving properly and feel confident working with such a high quality product as Ball and knowing that my food will last for at least a year in my cupboard.

How to make pear fruit mince

The fruit mince is easy to do once you have been though the pear chopping process – which is a little laborious, and this recipe makes three and half half pint jars of fruit mince. That half extra half jar is enough mix up a batch of mince pies. Continue Reading →


stuffed red peppers turkish style

Turkish style stuffed red peppers

Ok so I made up the Turkish style part, but I totally imagine this is exactly how a Turkish stuffed pepper would taste. Its spicy and aromatic and has rice and ground meat. Mint, parsley and harissa paste are added for good measure and this recipe was a delicious success. Continue Reading →


a visit to a vanilla plantation on reunion island

vanilla beans

Vanilla is my favourite spice. I love it so much I named my car after it and dedicated an entire chapter in my book ‘Sweet’ to its exotic goodness. It also plays tricks on your mind. When you smell it your brain registers that it is sweet when in fact it it’s not, and when infused into other food it can send you straight to a delicious heavenly place.

vanilla drying

vanilla extract

I was thrilled to get the chance to visit a vanilla plantation whilst on my recent trip to Reunion in September. We stayed at the luxurious 5 star resort Lux* St Gilles while visiting this wild Indian Ocean Island which we explored for 3 action packed days. You can see a few of my pics from the trip here.  Continue Reading →


chicken breasts stuffed with pork, sage, and apple

chicken breasts stuffed with pork, sage, and apple

If you are ever looking for a chicken recipe that is sure to impress, look no further than these rolled stuffed chicken breasts. The filling is akin to my pork, apple and sage pies so really its a double win. Rolled up in pretty bundles that get roasted off in the oven, I will be making these time and again.

chicken breasts stuffed with pork, sage, and apple

Christmas cooking and baking is in full swing at Drizzle and Dip HQ which makes me very happy. I love everything Christmas especially the food, and I’ve been working on a few fabulous recipes. I made a cranberry jelly for the first time and am now wanting to add it to other recipes, so this is the first. It has a very intense taste that is both tart and sweet which compliments this pork filling beautifully. Fresh sage and parsley give it the necessary herbaceous edge, the pine nuts a little texture. All the other bits add the flavour which makes this dish juicy and delicious. Its festive enough to serve at Christmas too, but perhaps stuff a whole bird or your turkey. Continue Reading →


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