This passion fruit or granadilla curd is the perfect balance of sweetness to tart, is very easy to make, and is a wonderfully decadent treat in summer.

I discovered that South Africa seems to be the only country that refers to passion fruit as granadilla, except when it comes to cordial, and then we call it passion fruit too. Anyway, they are popping off vines in abundance at the moment.

passion fruit in abundance

I love this crinkly purple fruit that that engages multiple senses for me. It conjures up happy childhood memories of eating them in summer directly off my grandparent’s wall next to the pool, and I love that when you cut them you are confronted with an instant surge of tropical aroma.

Most often I add the pulp to my yoghurt giving it a delicious zing, but I had been wanting to try a curd for ages. I found Sophia Lindops recipe which looked quite perfect so decided to start there.

The next debate with myself was should I use the pips or should I strain them out? I know some people are not fond of the pips, so decided to try both ways.

The first batch I made was a small one (half the quantity below) using strained granadilla/passion fruit juice and this yielded a small 250ml (1 cup) jar.  The second batch I doubled up the quantity and used the whole pulp.  I rounded the butter quantity to 120g (60g for half a batch) and both worked out perfectly.

I am not averse to the pips and found that you have to use at least double the quantity of fruit to yield the same amount for the whole fruit version.  Either way, you can choose what you prefer.

For a big batch that makes around 2 cups / 500ml:

  • 6 large eggs (free range or organic only)
  • 120g butter
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of passion fruit pulp (strained or whole)

Heat the juice, butter and sugar in a heavy based pot until the sugar has dissolved and it reaches boiling point. Remove from the heat and allow it to cool slightly (about 3 minutes). Beat the eggs until fluffy in a bowl and then very quickly, whisking all the time add them to the hot juice. You do not want the eggs to curdle. Place this all back on the heat and whisk constantly until the mixture becomes thick. I allowed it to cool in the pot which further thickens it and then empty into a sterilised jar and store in the fridge.

This is wonderful to have on hand to create a dessert. It can be sandwiched between sponge cakes or biscuits, poured over meringues, dolloped onto pancakes or turned into gooey tarts. It is also wonderful just spooned directly out the jar.

thick and creamy, this is a delectable dessert

A few other recipes using passion fruit/granadilla that I love:

baked banana’s with passion fruit and minty creme fraiche

granadilla sorbet






  1. Your curd looks divine! I love mine with yoghurt in the mornings and it keeps so well 🙂 Thanks for the link back Sam!

  2. At last I was able to scroll down at leisure and read your blog! Its been months since I could do that. I see the share button top right is not there today. I always felt it was what was putting the brake on your page….I love passion fruit curd. It was one of my best sellers when I was selling home bakes and preserves! Am loving the granadillas at the moments. Yours looks totally divine and your photos are fabulous. I make mine with the whole pulp and then just strain a bottle of it for Don who is not allowed to eat the pips. I also make mine differently in that I start with everything but the butter, and add ice cold butter cubes at the end xxx

  3. S, those photo’s are just gorgeous! I will be making passion fruit curd asap now, it looks so divine. Could you imagine it in a tart case with meringue on top? To-die-for!!

  4. Sam

    Thanks Ally. ja I wanted to do a granadilla meringue pie but the curd is a little too soft for that. So need to figure a recipe around it. Perhaps in a mini tart case and then it oozes out. Not sure if it will firm up if baked?

  5. Sam

    Hi Colleen, so glad the site is working for you now.That share button was driving me nuts :-).

  6. Sam

    Thanks Tandy, and thanks for the inspiration I’m so in love with this curd and prefer it to lemon.

  7. Marcia Michalitsianou

    I do SO enjoy your site. The passion fruit curd sounds divine, and what a pity I can’t find them on the island. Will have to see if I can get someone to smuggle in some seeds and I’ll have a go at growing them. However, I’m drowned in lemons. Do you have a fool-proof lemon curd recipe for me?
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Too beautiful! Probably my favourite fruit around and passion fruit curd is the ultimate. I think it would make a wicked icecream… like a passion fruit meringue ice cream?

  9. Sam

    Thanks Marcia, you can make this using lemons instead of passion fruit. Just substitute. You can also add some lemon zest to make it more lemony as my friend Tandy’s link shows

  10. Beautiful! I love making fruit/citrus curds, but have never used passion fruit before. In fact… I’m not sure I’ve used passionfruit in anything before. *Gasp* how could this be? I guess I’ll just have to do something about that and make this curd, then! 😛

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  12. This looks amazing, i have never tried curd because of the eggs & i am yet to find an egg less recipe. I do love passion fruit as well. Have a wonderful week ahead

  13. Sam

    Hi Usha, not sure if there is a way around eggs for a curd..

  14. Sam

    Hi Usha, not sure there is any way around egg for a curd…

  15. I would love to have a stock of passion fruit to make this curd. The curd and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  16. How many passion fruits would you estimate is enough to fill 2 cups worth of pulp? I really want to try this but I can only get them from the supermarket and they’re really expensive here.

  17. Sam

    Hi Carolina, it depends how big they are but I would say around 6 for a cup of juice. Perhaps halve it to make a smaller batch.

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  19. What a divine recipe, I have now made 2 batches, after a windy harvest of our granadilla bush. Easy and just so tasty! Thank you!

  20. Hi there! This looks fab. Will definitely be making myself a batch of this to eat with yoghurts and desserts….yum! 🙂 Might try a lemon curd also as you suggested above. Can you tell me though, how long will the curd last in the fridge? I presume you can’t freeze it?! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  21. Sam

    Hi Cest_Life – because curd is an egg based product, it will not freeze. use very fresh eggs and your curd should last 3 – 4 week sin the fridge.

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  23. How many passion fruit did you need for this receipe? Could i use it as fillig for macarons or is it too liquid? Thanks!

  24. Sam

    Hi Julie, You could defs use it to fill macaroons as you don’t need much for that. I have no idea how many fruit I used, it all depends on the size and how juicy they are.

  25. Hello, I made the curd and it is DEVINE. Thanks! How long can I keep this in the fridge?

  26. Sam

    Hi Ruda, it should keep for up to 2 – 3 weeks. Its eg based so that is the recommendation. I kept mine longer (but that’s just me)

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  28. Hi Sam. I made this curd the other day and it was delicious. I mixed most of my batch into whipped cream which then went on top of the meringue in your pavlova recipe. All topped with rasberries – yummy!

  29. Sam

    HI Kim, I love the idea of mixing the curd with whipped cream to soften its intensity. You have given me an idea :-).

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  34. Passion fruits have been ripening and falling off the vine in my backyard. So I just made your passion fruit curd and it is absolutely divine!!! I added the zest of a small Meyer lemon fron the tree, and a squeeze of the juice to the recipe. Before it could cool, I spread some mascarpone cheese on a little rosemary cracker, and spooned the warm golden deliciousness over the whole thing…I think it might be the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

    Thank you for the brilliant, easy recipe, Sam!

  35. Sam

    Hi Barbara, thanks for the lovely comment and sharing your idea. I adore the idea of the rosemary cracker with the Mascarpone.

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  37. Thank you so much for this recipe….I found some wild passion fruit on my property and didn’t know what to do with it….made your recipe tonight and it was yummy!!! Wish I had more!

  38. Sam

    Hi Paula – thanks for letting me know – wild passion fruit sounds awesome

  39. Linda Holmes

    Just wanted to let you know how easy and tasty your recipe is, I’ve made two big batches and flavoured them differently.
    Used Panama passionfruit and Tahitian limes in one and Meyer lemons and black passionfruit in the other…amazing!
    We serve them with croissant and we can’t get enough of it, well done. Thank you Linda

  40. Sam

    Hi Linda – thanks for the lovely note and Im so pleased you like this recipe. Wow – Im a little jealous with all your exotic passion fruit options.

  41. I love passionfruit! And passionfruit curd is on my 2015 Food Bucketlist, so I just had to make this! It’s cooling as we speak, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  42. Sam

    Awesome Marie, I hope you love it as much as I do.

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  44. Gretchen

    I live in Alaska and can’t get passion fruit at all – not even pulp. I looked on amazon – but it’s super pricey. Can anyone recommend another option for buying the pulp? I love making passion fruit anything – bars, tarts, bread, cheesecake bites.Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  45. Must i store it in the fridge? And how king will it last?

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  49. Worked a dream !!!!! thanks
    Can i use the same measures for lemon curd ????

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  51. Sam

    HI Kylie, it will keep for a good couple of weeks. I freeze it thereafter.

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  56. About 4 years ago I discovered a small patch of Wild passion fruit in my yard, it’s grown exponentially every year. I wait all year for the chance to harvest and make this delicious curd. This year I’ll be making a whole lot of this! Yummy! Thank you for posting!

  57. Jimmie Richardson

    Jimmie lee R.
    So glad I found your Passion Fruit recipe on the WWW! Planted passion fruit [Yellow] here
    In South Florida USA three years ago. Was eating out of hand {Fresh} for a year or two until I saw
    Your web site. Now I use it as a fruit, juice, curd and toppings. Thanks

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  62. Five years ago I commented on this recipe. I had just found some wild passion fruit growing in my yard. Tonight I continued my yearly tradition of making the wild passion fruit curd from that patch I found 5 years ago. But instead of barely being able to squeak out one batch of this curd, I am going to have 5 batches when all is said and done. It’s still a delicious recipe and I love being able to share passion fruit curd with others. So again, thank you for this wonderful recipe

  63. Sam

    Hi Paula – that is so lovely to hear and has totally made my day :). I recently made a batch of it too with the last of the season’s passion fruit and have it stashed in my freezer.

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