passion fruit meringue ice cream

granadill meringue ice cream

I was going to try to make this into a passion fruit meringue pie ice cream but after tasting it with just the passion fruit curd and meringue, I didn’t think it needed another ingredient. However, a few buttery biscuit crumbs such as digestives – sprinkled over the ice cream at the end, along with the crumbled meringue could be very nice too. I simply love the name passion fruit and all the wonderful connotations that come to mind with it. It truly is very exotic and even sexy as fruits go. Here in South Africa, we call them granadilla – a slightly less sexy name, and so for the benefit of a more international audience I shall refer to them as the former.

passion fruit and meringue ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

passionfruit and meringe ice cream

passionfruit meringe ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

It’s worth making the components to this ice cream from scratch and in advance with the advantage that they make more than what you require. I have used my passion fruit curd, which is a lovely and easy recipe and lasts a few weeks in the fridge. I made this batch with the last of the season’s fruit recently and it’s perfect to spread on biscuits or cakes or simply spoon out the jar. It also freezes very well if you want to store it for a later occasion.

For the meringues I followed the recipe for these pink swirl meringues, simply leaving out the pink and making them smaller. I also adjusted the baking time to 1 1/4 hours and lowered the oven temperature to 110 C. Once they were baked I turned the oven off and allowed them to cool inside.

If however, you are able to find good quality meringues and passion fruit curd, it could save time by buying these in. This recipe would also be lovely with lemon curd and more along the lines of a lemon meringue ice cream.

I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as I enjoyed creating it.

passionfruit and meringe ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

Passionfruit meringue ice cream

A delicious passion fruit mernigue ice cream with folded passion fruit curd and crumbled meringue.
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Passion fruit meringue ice cream


  • 2 free range eggs
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2 cups 500ml cream
  • 1 cup 250ml milk
  • ¾ cup passion fruit / granadilla curd
  • 1 ½ cups broken up meringues (about 3 medium


  • Beat the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy – about 3 minutes. This should double in volume.
  • Add the cream and milk, mix briefly, then run it through an ice cream maker. About half way through the churn add a ¼ of a cup of the curd and continue to churn until the ice cream is as firm as it will go. When it’s at the point that it is ready to remove.
  • Transfer the ice cream into a freezer proof container or lined metal loaf tin, mixing the meringue and remaining curd in as you go. Give it a rough mix then cover and freeze.
  • Remove the ice cream from the freezer 10 minutes before you are ready to eat it, allowing it to soften.
Author: Sam Linsell

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

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  1. I love indulging in ice cream no matter what the weather. What a great flavour combination, but I have to confess, you had me at meringue. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sune. Its the fist time Ive ever put meringe in ice cream and it works so well. The meringue keeps its texture too. Im also a very big fan of all things meringue.

  3. Sam–your beautiful creations and and stunningly amazing pictures–blow my mind away–i suppose it is a good thing that i do not eat eggs-

  4. Ahhh thanks so much Usha for hte kind words, I guess no way around the egg issue here x

  5. Thanks Anina x

  6. How divine! Such a beautiful colour as well

  7. OMG Sam,
    It looks so scrumptious and delicious. I really have to give it a go, as I love passion fruit.

  8. Woah. That is a sexy ice cream. 🙂 Passionfruit AND meringue in the same recipe…that’s too much. I must try this.

  9. Looks divine!
    Would love to try this recipe
    Any suggestions though, if one does not have an ice-cream maker?

  10. This is so incredibly perfect for a summer treat. The flavors!!!

  11. Hi Marianne there are numerous tutorials online – but look at David Lebovitz’s site for answers. He is an ince cream expert and his site offers so much info for how-to without an ice cream maker. I have never made ice cream without one.

  12. what a wonderful flavor. i love your pretty serving cups.

  13. That looks really good! I love passionfruit!

  14. Combining meringues and ice cream is brilliant. I love all of the textural possibilities it opens up. Kudos!

  15. Ice cream with meringue! sounds yummy…. passion fruit in season here… will try that!

  16. Such fantastic photos of the icecream. Absolutely love those serving bowls!

    Meringue with ice cream, who would’ve thought. 🙂

  17. Thanks Trishnanta 🙂

  18. This looks and sounds delicious! However, I am not able to get fresh passionfruit here. Do you think this would work with lemon curd?

  19. This looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to try this recipe! 🙂

    This is kind of random, but where can you find a good ice cream maker in South Africa? (I’ve been looking and can’t find any!)

  20. Thanks Ami – that is very kind 🙂

  21. Hi Neha, Im afraid Im not really in touch with what is on the market in terms of ice cream machines. I bought mine (semi industrial) about 8 years ago. I guess it is one of those purchases that requires a lot of research. I often go for brands I know and trust. Try and buy the biggest one possible.

  22. Hi melissa, lemon curd would work in the exact same way and be delicious.

  23. Nadia O Brien says:

    Ooh, I cant wait to make this (and the lemon curd variation). Can you tell me where you got those little serving cups (they’re gorgeous).

  24. Hi Nadia – those are vintage cups. Totally love them too

  25. Made this today and love it! Used bought meringues but will definitely make them by hand next time – so refreshing and yummy!

  26. So glad to hear Jean 🙂

  27. I love the idea but honestly I think the instructions are wrong, whole eggs on an icecream? The base of an icecream is a creme anglaise and yolks are the ones you should use, not the whites

  28. Hi Sandra, the recipe is most definitely NOT wrong and I have been making ice cream with raw whole eggs for 15 years. The recipe base is from a Ben & Jerrys ice cream book. Im not sure where you live and if you have heard of Ben & Jerrys and Haagen Dazs? they are gigantic global ice cream producers who use whole raw egg in their cream based ice cream recipes. Ice cream can be made in a variety of ways including a cooked egg yolk custard (creme Anglaise) as well as whole eggs and many egg free recipes too. I personally prefer using raw whole eggs as the ice cream is fresher in flavour than a cooked custard ice cream which can be much richer. I also have no objection to eating raw eggs in an ice cream but I know some people are not comfortable with it. The egg whites (protein) definltey add to the texture of the ice cream (think meringue, marshmallow etc) and they give it lightness when whipped for a while.

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