I felt inspired to develop this recipe after an interesting conversation with a friends cousin who works at a high level in food product innovation in the US. One thought sparked another and I had fudge on my mind that week. I had been invited onto the Expresso Breakfast show to do my white chocolate and green tea fudge recipe for their back to school program.

I wanted to remake this to be sure I was 100% familiar with all the steps. This is after all live television. I decided to make it using Rooibos tea instead of the green tea. Rooibos tea is such a beautiful local South African ingredient. If you are not from these parts and are wondering what Rooibos tea is (otherwise know as Redbush tea in English), then here is a little splab from Wikipedia:

‘Rooibos is grown only in a small area in the region of the Western Cape province of South Africa.[1] Generally, the leaves are oxidized, a process often, inaccurately, referred to as fermentation by analogy with tea processing terminology. This process produces the distinctive reddish-brown colour of rooibos and enhances the flavour. Unoxidized “green” rooibos is also produced, but the more demanding production process for green rooibos (similar to the method by which green tea is produced) makes it more expensive than traditional rooibos. It carries a malty and slightly grassy flavour somewhat different from its red counterpart.’

white chocolate and rooibos tea fudge

The recipe for this tea can be found by clicking here, just substitute the 1 T of green tea with 1 T of ground Rooibos tea leaves. I used an organic loose tea from the Cederburg and ground it in my spice grinder. Make sure you pass it through the fine sieve so as to remove any of the more woody bits.

If you want to see me making the fudge on Expresso show you can check out this little video. I had so much fun with Lee-Anne doing this:

me in hte Expresso studio making fudge with Lee-Anne
white chocolate and rooibos tea fudge

 look forward to connecting with you again

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  1. Very nice Sam. I love the idea of infusing fudge with something that is good for you because it stands to reason that if the fudge is good for you then you can eat as much as you like ;). Just kidding. Great recipe xx

  2. I adore rooibos, and the idea of incorporating it into fudge is making me swoon! I love that there’s a video of the process as well. As someone who is still a little green when it comes to confectionery ventures, seeing is infinitely more helpful than simply following a written recipe. (:

  3. I’ve never made fudge since I am not a huge chocolate lover, but white chocolate and tea could definitely get me on board. Looks and sounds amazing!

  4. Sam

    Hi Carey, yes – rather lucky to have that little video to add into my post.

  5. Sam

    Hi Natasha, its quite creamy and the tea flavour really interesting and unique.

  6. Nice video. I agree with Lee-Anne about the sugar. We have that rooibos tea here too. It has quite a strong, particular flavour.

  7. Very Nice..
    I love fudge. .. to be honest I’m obsessed with it. This sounds fabulous!
    B/W I’m new to ur blog n im glad I found it! It’s beautiful 🙂

  8. Sam

    Thank you for the kind words Reem, I hope to see you in these parts again….and try the fudge, this recipe is amongst the more interesting I have developed in a while. I have also made it with Earl Grey tea, but prefer the Rooibos and green tea versions.

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