‘pizza’ jaffles with tomato, mozzarella & onion

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pizza jaffels with tomato, mozzarella, red onion and basil

Tomatoes, onion, mozzarella and basil come together to make these delicious ‘pizza’ jaffles. Oozy toasted sandwiches that can be made over a gas hob or open fire.

A while ago I bought a jaffle iron at the Milnerton market, I had been looking for one for ages. Obviously, I hadn’t looked hard enough as apparently, you can find them at Builders Warehouse and various Spars. Anyway, this market is the one I go to to find most of my props, and I found my vintage (but new) jaffle iron there and I was very pleased.

pizza jaffels

There are times when you just need your sandwich to be toasted, and the best part about a jaffle for me is:

a) you can quickly whip up a gourmet toasted sandwich in an instant. It can be put directly onto your hob gas flame with no need to haul out the heavy toasted sandwich maker from the bottom of the cupboard which requires time to heat up and cool down.

b) it’s perfect for one.

c) it’s portable and can be taken camping.

pizza jaffels with tomato, mozzarella, red onion and basil

I was determined to make a jaffle that was even better than my childhood memory of them, and I love the combination of these ingredients which sort of make a ‘pizza’ like filling for my jaffle. The mozzarella melted to a lovely oozy consistency and this was a simply heavenly lunch. It was also a delicious snack after a night out with a few glasses of wine.

pizza jaffels with tomato, mozzarella, red onion and basil

I don’t bother to butter the bread on the inside, and just butter the outside of the slice to prevent it from sticking.

pizza jaffels with tomato, mozzarella, red onion and basil

I put finely sliced red onions on the bottom followed by the mozzarella. Here I prefer to you fior di latte. Then I add a big basil leaf followed by a slice of ripe tomato. A generous grind of black pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes is all this toasted sandwich needs to take it to perfection.

pizza jaffels with tomato, mozzarella, red onion and basil

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  1. I remember having these when we went camping. Bacon and egg jaffels. What fun that was.Can’t remember what happened to jaffel iron.

  2. Oh my! I used to have one of those for camping; where is it now I wonder!

  3. I’ve never seen these before, but I’ve instantly decided my life needs one! I’m off for a hunt for one in the UK!

  4. HI Ruth, I have heard that you can get them in the Uk. I would be interested to know if you can find them 🙂

  5. Bacon and egg jaffels! now that is what Im having for breakfast next week end Susan 🙂

  6. This brings back such lovely childhood memories – every Sunday night was jaffel night!

  7. That looks heavenly!

  8. I think my mom has something similar, but it’s square and we used to use it to make sandwich with bread. I love the circle one that you have and the texture it creates on top!

  9. How delicious Sam! My mom had a jaffel maker when I was little. Do they still sell them? I would love to make some (I love mince and cheese in mine).

  10. If you had read my post Kristy, you would have seen where you can buy them, all over 🙂

    Mince and cheese seems to be what most people remember about childhood jaffels xx

  11. Hahahaha, oops! Well, I was watching TV while looking. Plus I was looking mostly at them fab pics. Next time i’ll read instead of skim ;_0

  12. Oh my gosh, this is so coooool!! I want one! These look so good.

  13. Oh heavens, we have one of those stashed away in a back cupboard but it is square. Adriano loves toasted sandwiches so I should dig it out for him to use.

  14. Ha ha K, it takes one to recognise one. xx

  15. Woo hoo Suzanne, time to dig it out. I love how many people are reminded of them. A square one makes more sense to me, its a better shape for a sandwich.

  16. What on earth was I missing as a Child!! 🙁
    I have heard people speak of Jaffels, but never seen one or actually had an idea of what it was. Luuurrvvv toasties, so I will be off to my local Spar for a squizz, thanks Mills .

  17. Quest Jaffel: initiated. I had no idea these existed. Curious to see if I can find anyone who sells them in Canada. Googling it…now. 🙂

  18. Woo hoo Kitchen Boudoir – so excited. I heard from an American friend that you can get such things there. Could also be called a toaster iron? not sure. maybe in Camping / outdoor shops? Please let me know if you find one.

  19. We also had these when we went camping and in the evening we use to fill with apple pie filling for desert.

  20. Oh my – this looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never seen a jaffel iron like that before. I’ve seen what I’ve heard referred to as a toaster iron, but always square. Love this shape and style. You will now have me on the hunt for one of these!! Let the search begin…

  21. Hi Meeling, yes, I understand they are called toaster irons in other countries and are square (which I think makes more sense). I hope you find one.

  22. Mountain Pies! Yeeeeeah, baby!

  23. I love it, mountain pies.

  24. Sam, I’d never heard of these till now! Did anyone find them in the UK? I saw one make of square one on ebay, but actually, sense of it or not, I love the round sort you have…anyone know who sells them in Europe?

  25. Hi Liz, one of my British readers left a comment that you can get a toaster iron / jaffel iron in England.

  26. Hoe lank moet die jafel pan warm gemaak word voor jy dit gebruik. Hoe lank moet die jafel aan albei kante gebak word? My jafels kom elke keer ‘n flop uit. Help!

  27. Hi Riaan, I have never timed it, but you need to get it quite hot. Make sure you spray & cook the inside of the jaffel iron and butter the bread so that it doesn’t stick. You need to open it up to check every now and again to see when its ready.

  28. In Canada, they are called bush pie irons and produce bush pies. You can buy the irons at most stores that sell camping equipment. My favourite bush pie is filled with dark chocolate , Brie and a few raspberries !

  29. HI Sheila – that bush pie sounds too divine. I need to take mine out soon

  30. Sonja Stolper says:

    Hi Sam ! Try a piece of Hazelnut chocolate between the white bread slices or my kids love Nutella Jaffels !

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