This wonderful and inspired recipe comes from Roads less Travelled by Justin Bonello with Bertus Basson and Marthinus Ferreira, the cookbook that was born out of the second season of Ultimate Braai Master which flighted on SABC 3 towards the end of last year. This homegrown TV series is all about cooking in the outdoors with friends and takes the viewer on a massive road trip around Southern Africa to some of the most spectacular locations. I loved it.

jaffle waffles

jaffle waffles

jaffle waffles

waffle jaffles

What I loved the most about this book was a set of recipes that are diverse, interesting and some a little different. Like, duck wraps, Grey-winged francolin braai pie, seared yellowfin tuna burgers and braaied pizza. It also has tips on how to tackle a few basics like spatchcocking, deboning and jointing a chicken, all very important when it comes to a braai. The chefs have taken a few posh and classic dishes to the outdoor fire like Steak Diane, Chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce and Beef Wellington, and includes a few interesting desserts like double chocolate Chelsea buns, bread and butter pudding, Amarula and chocolate pancake cake and fire-baked lemon tart. I mean, who would have thought?

Roads Less Travelled

The book is filled with clever and new ideas for salads, snacks, sauces, seafood and side dishes. Even the seasoned outdoor cooking guru will pick up tips on baking and smoking with this book. It’s brilliant.

The book is styled and presented in a rustic way, and the food looks just like it would if you had made it in the great outdoors. The reader is taken on a trip to all the beautiful locations of the TV series from Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Lesotho, Soweto, Tsitsikama, to the Eastern Cape, the Wild Coast and up the West coast.

jaffle waffles

As for waffles, I would not be lying if I said they were one of my favourite desserts. I love them with loads of maple syrup, fresh fruit and ice cream. These raspberries, blueberries and sliced nectarine were heavenly sprinkled on top.

The recipe was super easy to whip up by hand, and the batter cooked easily in the jaffle iron This is seriously the perfect treat for when you are next cooking outdoors and desire a delicious dessert on the fire. I thought I would test out the batter in a conventional waffle iron too, and it was perfect there too.

This is what Justin wrote about the recipe :

“This is possibly the most brilliant concept I’ve ever come across, thanks to our seriously great food stylist, Caro. It makes me just want to repeat the words over and over again … ‘waffle jaffle waffle jaffle waffle jaffle waffle jaffle.’ I HATE that I wasn’t the one who thought of this … it brings a whole new level to what you can do on the braai for dessert when all you have is a jaffle iron, a fire and, coincidentally, the basic ingredients to make waffles. Sooooo tasty … thanks, Caro.”

jaffle waffles


Waffle jaffles


  • 2 cups of cake flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups of buttermilk
  • ¼ cup of butter, melted


  1. Mix sifted flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a large bowl. Add the eggs, buttermilk and butter then mix well (you can just use a wooden spoon or big whisk for this). Grease the jaffle irons with some butter, then place over moderate coals. Once they’re hot, ladle waffle batter onto the jaffle irons, close them up and wait for the waffles to be crisp, golden and cooked through. (You’ll need to turn them over a couple of times.) Take them out of the jaffles, keep warm on the side and repeat until you’ve used up all the batter.
  2. Serve with:
  3. Chocolate sauce, ice cream and berries
  4. (or whatever tickles your fancy) and definitely some really good coffee to wash it all down.

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Roads Less Travelled: The Ultimate Braai Master Second Series, Author: Justin Bonello with Bertus Basson & Marthinus Ferreira, written by Helena Lombard, Publisher: Penguin Books, RRP: R230, ‘Available at all good bookstores’).

jaffle waffles

jaffle waffles

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  1. Great idea but finding one of those original waffle irons would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, surely!

  2. I have something similar like a jaffle maker but have only made savoury jaffles in it.. hmmm.. pancake batter in a jaffle maker.. now there’s an idea!!! imagine making this out in the open.. insanely delish!! beautiful photographs as always!!

  3. Wonderful idea. I saw jaffle irons in the braai section of Builders Warehouse here in Durban.

  4. Sam

    Hi Ann, it was such a lucky find at a flea market months ago. I snapped it up immediately. It works perfectly too. But you can buy a new one from Builders warehouse and I simply love jaffles 🙂

  5. Sam

    Thanks Sarvani – Im mad about jaffle sandwiches.

  6. ashtria cummings

    I have a Jaffle laying in my cupboard, funny though after all the moving I never seemed to give it away..will be trying out this recipe and bringing the jaffle to use!!

  7. Looks wonderful but please, how much batter do you ladle into the pan?

  8. Hi Sam, never heard of a jaffle before, love trying out new things, will have to find a jaffle iron first I suppose. Beautiful pics!

  9. Sam

    Hi Lien, it will depend on the jaffle iron, but you fill it so that is full when you close both sides (but doesn’t leak out). You want enough batter so that the sides adhere to the surface.

  10. We tried this recipe totally fab, and Yuppie Chef blogged about jaffles at the end of last year… So you can get jaffle irons from Yuppie Chef – or actually any hardware store in the “very manly braai section.” There were a lot easier to find them than I thought they would be.

  11. Sam

    Oh cool, and yes, Ive seen them at Builders warehouse.

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