Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles

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Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles topped with a jammy egg, ham and asparagus

These high-protein cottage cheese waffles are savoury and delicious and make the perfect base to add to your favourite breakfast or lunch toppings. They are made in minutes in one bowl and are perfect to prep ahead for busy mornings. Add a sprinkle of cheese to make them extra crispy if you like. Say hello to your new favourite high-protein breakfast.

Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles with 4 different breakfast toppings

Cottage cheese is having the biggest moment on social media right now and I’ve been seeing so many innovative high-protein recipes where it’s used in waffles, pancakes and even ice cream.

As I’m currently on a healthier eating mission and trying to add as much protein into my diet as possible, cottage cheese is the perfect ingredient in my arsenal. Fortunately, I love it.

Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese toped with sliced avocado, smoked salmon and everything bagel seasoning

You can use full-fat, low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese in this savoury waffle recipe, but it must be smooth. If you can’t find smooth cottage cheese you can make your own.

To make smooth cottage cheese, simply process crumbly cottage cheese in a small food processor or blender until smooth. This is a game-changer and gives you the perfect consistency as cream cheese without all the calories.

I have been using smooth cottage cheese to add a boost to my scrambled eggs, dips and smoothies and can’t wait to share more recipes going forward.

Cottage cheese and eggs in a bowl to make high protein cottage cheese savoury waffles

Why this recipe works.

I tested out various ratios of the ingredients in this waffle recipe as I wanted to keep the protein count high. I also wanted to make sure they had the texture of waffles without adding too many carbohydrates. These would be classified as low carb within these protein ratios.

Eggs bind the batter together and also give these waffles an extra protein boost. 

I used oat flour as this is a super healthy and gluten-free option. The 85 grams of oat flour in this recipe contains 7 grams of protein.

I found when I used less oat flour, the waffles tasted more like scrambled eggs and leaked out of the waffle iron while being cooked.

The flaxseed flour helps firm up the waffle batter as well as adds a fibre boost. One tablespoon (7 grams) of ground flaxseed contains 1.3gm protein, 2 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids (including the omega 3s), 2 grams of dietary fibre and 37 calories.

To make oat or flaxseed flour, process through a power blender until you have the desired consistency. Alternatively, these flours can be found at major retailers and health food stores.

Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles in a waffle maker with chives and mozarella

Ingredients for gluten-free, high protein savoury waffles

These gluten-free, high protein savoury waffles contain only 4 key ingredients and are so easy to make.

Oat flour – Ground-up old-fashioned oats make nutrient-dense flour and can be made at home with a power blender. Do not use instant oats here as these tend to be laced with all sorts of additional additives. You can use regular all-purpose or whole wheat flour if you prefer.

Eggs – I have used 4 free-range large eggs in this recipe but you could substitute some of the whole egg with egg whites if you prefer.

Flaxseeds – I used ground-up flaxseed flour but you could replace it with any other ground-up seed or additional oat flour.

Flavourings – I added chopped chives as these have a delicious mild flavour that will pretty much go with any topping you add. You can leave this out if you prefer or use finely chopped up spring onions.

I seasoned this batter with salt and pepper and added some baking powder to lift the texture. I found them crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

These gluten-free- high protein-savoury waffles are my new favourite bread replacement.

Ingredients to make easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles laid out on a table

Can you freeze high-protein cottage cheese waffles?

These high-protein cottage cheese protein waffles can be used instead of bread in a sandwich and can be frozen. To crisp them up, pop them into an air fryer set at 190C (374F) for 3 minutes (4 minutes if frozen), or defrost at room temperature or in a microwave and toast until warmed through.

Adding cheese to the waffles makes them extra crispy and delicious, but this is optional. I used reduced-fat mozzarella cheese which has 84 calories per 30gms.

If you are not too concerned about calories, go ahead, and use whatever cheese you like and more of it if you wish. Cheddar or full-fat hard mozzarella will do well.

Nutritional information: (100gms and for 8 x waffles)

Nutritional info chart from a dietician for high protein cottage cheese waffles

Working on 7 waffles for a batch, each waffle with a 14gm portion of mozzarella has 13 grams of protein. If you have 2 waffles in a portion you will get 26 grams of protein (344 calories) before the toppings.

High protein cottage cheese waffles topped with spinach and a fried egg

Eating protein for breakfast is important for several reasons:

  1. Helps to keep you full: Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, which means it can help keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. This can help reduce the likelihood of overeating later in the day.
  2. Supports muscle health: Eating protein in the morning can help support muscle health and prevent muscle breakdown. This is especially important for people who engage in physical activity or strength training.
  3. Helps to stabilize blood sugar: Eating protein with breakfast can help stabilize blood sugar levels, which can help prevent energy crashes and improve overall energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Supports weight management: Studies have shown that consuming a high-protein breakfast can help reduce food cravings and increase feelings of fullness, which can lead to reduced calorie intake and weight loss over time

Top your protein waffles with any savoury topping of your choice such as cottage cheese, sour cream, smoked salmon/trout, avocado, asparagus, spinach, boiled, fried, or poached eggs, ham, bacon, salad leaves, fresh herbs, chives, everything bagel seasoning or sliced tomatoes.

Health benefits of eggs

 Eggs offer a multitude of health benefits, including high-quality protein for muscle and cell function, essential vitamins and nutrients like B12 and choline for energy and brain health, and lutein/zeaxanthin for eye protection. Contrary to previous concerns, moderate egg consumption doesn’t greatly affect cholesterol levels and can promote a balanced cholesterol profile.
High protein cottage cheese waffles topped with bacon, avo and a fried egg on a plate

I loved the combination of smooth cottage cheese, sliced avocado, ham (or lean bacon), a soft egg, everything bagel seasoning, and fresh watercress and rocket (arugula) leaves.

Try my healthy blueberry & banana protein smoothie for another quick high-protein breakfast idea.

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Makes 7 – 8 waffles depending on the size of the waffle iron

Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles

Upgrade your breakfast game with these high-protein cottage cheese waffles. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and ready in minutes. Top with your favourite savoury toppings for a delicious and healthy start to your day.
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Easy & Healthy high protein cottage cheese waffles with 4 different breakfast toppings
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:4 minutes


  • 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese you can use full-fat or fat-free smooth cottage cheese too
  • 4 large free-range eggs
  • 10 Tbsp oat flour 85gms
  • 4 Tbsp ground flaxseed/flaxseed flour
  • 4 Tbsp chopped chives optional
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper
  • 80 gms grated mozzarella or Cheddar optional – approx 10gms per waffle


  • Place all the ingredients except the cheese into a bowl and whisk until well combined. Allow to sit for 5 – 10 minutes to thicken slightly and for the moisture to be absorbed by the oat flour.
  • Heat a non-stick waffle iron until ready to cook. Lightly spray with cooking spray or oil if necessary. If the iron is non-stick, it shouldn’t require any oil.
  • Lightly sprinkle a pinch of cheese on the base of the waffle iron if you are using and then scoop about ¼ cup worth of batter onto the iron. The quantity will vary depending on the size of your waffle maker. Sprinkle another pinch of cheese over the batter, close and cook until golden brown on both sides.
  • Remove and top with your favourite toppings.


Store in an airtight container until you need or sell and freeze for future use
Servings: 6 -8
Author: Sam Linsell

*This post is sponsored by Rediscover Dairy 

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