Pear tartines with blue cheese and honey

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The combination of pears and blue cheese is as classic as it gets. Grilled on a crunchy baguette with honey drizzled all over, and walnuts scattered on top is stuff that comes straight out of food heaven.


I saw Gordon Ramsay make something similar on TV, and this inspired me to dive into the kitchen and create these. He used goat’s cheese, which I also love, but I think I put blue cheese at the top of the list for these tartines.


I used a lovely sharp Gorgonzola-style cheese which works so well here. The saltiness contrasts with the sweetness of the pear and honey. The toasted walnuts, along with the crunchy toasted baguette give this snack so much amazing texture. I want to say it’s a party in your mouth, but that is such a cliche.

My suggestion is to just make it and then pop on back and tell me you agree.


This is what you do:

Slice the baguette lengthways in half and lightly butter the cut side and toast this on a griddle pan or under a hot grill. If you want the tartine to be extra crunchy, I would suggest lightly toasting the underside too. I used 2 mini baguettes, making 4 tartines, but if you are making a longer one you can simply cut them up before serving.

Layer the blue cheese fairly generously on the toasted cut side and place the pear slices on top of that. You even drop a few more pieces of cheese on top of the pear creating a layered effect. Toast them under a hot grill until they start to bubble. Add chopped walnuts and then continue to grill for a further minute or so. I find the walnuts burn if you add them at the beginning. You could also just scatter already toasted and chopped walnuts at the end.

Drizzle these tartines with honey and tuck in.

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I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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  1. this looks heavenly, i personally dont like any cheese–but will try it for my sons–they will love it

  2. Ha ha Jen, living on ones own, this is rather a dangerous snack to make it has to be said.

  3. This looks seriously divine!

  4. This looks absolutely divine! 🙂 Love your photography!

  5. Pears and blue cheese are a perfect combination, like the fact that they are drizzled in honey.

  6. Thanks Laura, cant be making these very often.

  7. Thanks Jess 🙂

  8. I am eating these with a glass of Sauvignon blanc. Simply, thank you.

  9. Hi Denise that is awesome – cheers :-). Sauv would be stunning with these.

  10. That looks fantastic. Good choice to replace th goatcheese with blue cheese (big blue cheese fan here)

  11. Hi Sam. I have loads of recipe book that I’ve collected over the years, but it’s your recipes that I mostly use now: uncomplicated, unpretentious and simply delicious! What more could I ask? I’ve compiled a file of your recipes for my student daughter who has just moved into digs (many of them have become staples in our home, and they are tried and trusted) 🙂

  12. Oh wow Mariana, that has totally made my day, thank you. I am so glad you enjoy what I do here.
    Sam x

  13. Becky McGee says:

    Simply said “TO DIE FOR” ……just delicious.

  14. Thanks Becky 🙂

  15. How well would this transport making ahead of time?. I would love to make and take to a party at a winery.

  16. HI Jenni – as with transporting any food, if you pack it properly it will be fine. That would be up to you :)))

  17. Please could you remove my content which you have stolen and copied onto your site.

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