A californication - Its a cocktail

The Californication is a cocktail. It looks really innocent, like you could drink it at breakfast, but really it is not. Its loaded.

Its kind of like a Long Island Iced T but with orange juice instead of coke and its rather tasty.

You literally throw a splash of vodka, gin, white rum and tequila into a glass, add lemon juice, a good dose of freshly squeezed orange juice and lots of ice and that’s it. Slices of fresh orange finish it off.

I’m clinging onto the last bit of summer over here but really looking forward to heading to NYC next month.


  • 15ml each vodka, gin, white rum and tequila
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • about 70ml orange juice
  • stir in a large glass and top up with use


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