Chocolate espresso cheesecake

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chocolate espresso cheesecake

This is an unbaked cheesecake that is very easy to make and set to impress. The espresso is very subtle and amplifies the flavour of the chocolate. It’s also quite decadent, but then isn’t that the way desserts should be?

chocolate espresso cheesecake

I used two of my favourite Breville appliances to make this which is where the easy part comes in. You can literally whip the cream cheese and sugar in the 800 Class stand mixer while you grind up the biscuits in about 30 seconds using the Breville Control Grip Stick Blender with a chopper attachment. They also make some of the best domestic coffee machines around, so you could effortlessly make an espresso to add to the mix.


The crumb base is quite thick, but I like this. It balances out the richness of the cheesecake and adds texture. If you prefer it thinner, reduce the biscuits and butter by 25%.


Recipe ~ makes one cheesecake which serves 12


Chocolate espresso cheesecake

A delicious unbaked espresso (coffee) and chocolate cheesecake recipe with a biscuit base.
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chocolate espresso cheesecake cut
Prep Time:20 minutes


  • 200 g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids + extra to decorate
  • 60 ml espresso allowed to cool
  • 200 g digestive biscuits or plain Graham crackers
  • 100 g butter melted
  • 250 ml 1 cup cream
  • 400 g cream cheese
  • 200 g castor sugar
  • additional cream to serve


  • Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave and set aside to cool.
  • Make the espresso and allow this to cool.
  • Line a 22 - 23 cm springform cake tin with baking paper.
  • Whip the cream to soft peaks in a stand mixer using the whisk attachment and scrape into another bowl and set aside.
  • Grind the biscuits in a small food processor, add the melted butter and press this into the base of the lined tin. Use the back of a spoon to even it out.
  • Using the same bowl as the cream, beat the sugar and cream cheese until the sugar crystals have dissolved. Add the cooled chocolate and espresso and whip until well combined.
  • Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mix and empty this into the biscuit-lined tin. Smooth the top out and chill in the fridge until set.
  • Decorate with grated chocolate and serve with whipped cream.


This cheesecake can be made a few days in advance. 
Servings: 8 -10
Author: Sam Linsell




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  1. Omg, so decadent! Love that 2nd photo, makes me want to dive in! Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh my! What a delicious looking cheesecake, love the combination of chocolate and espresso, a match made in heaven!

  3. Hi Sam, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say I’m so pleased I did! This chocolate cheesecake looks divine, as does all of your posts. Your photography and styling is inspirational. Can’t wait to see what you post next. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Rachel, Im so glad you enjoy.
    Sam 🙂

  5. Thanks Sarvani 🙂

  6. Hello Sam,
    I came across your blog few days ago through Miss Moss.
    You are my new favourite food blogger. I love your recipes and the photos and styling.
    I tried this recipe yesterday and it was so delicious!

  7. Thanks so mcuh for the lovely comment and so pleased you enjoyed the cheesecake.

  8. Love to make this but I need it converted to cups etc. where can I find conversion?

  9. HI Gracie. You can find a conversion table on my website otherwise Google will do it for you.

  10. I need American measurements i.e.; ounces, cups

  11. Rena' Hale says:

    Is castor sugar a brand of sugar or a type of sugar. Thank you. Can’t wait to try this cheesecake.

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