crunchy summer said with a balsamic and honey vinaigrette

Summer is hitting us hard today with temperatures predicted to be in the upper thirties. I am not quite ready for this heat onslaught, but I am well into the swing of things regarding summer eating and have been devouring a range of new salads recently. I love this crunchy summer salad because of all the texture, and the balsamic honey dressing adds a sweet and sharp flavour element.

Its actually part slaw and I like to use a combination of red and green cabbage which I slice extremely finely on my mandolin. In fact the mandolin is imperative here as you don’t want thick bits of any of the ingredients. I love the red onions. Again very finely sliced as they add so much flavour. The radish the pepperiness and the carrots some sweet and crunch. Toasted pumpkin seeds in abundance, and I use a generous handful gives the nutty texture.

Baby spinach or baby kale levels make up the leafy green element and I adore them both raw. This is a salad you want to dress and toss before serving so that you coat all the bits with the delicious dressing.

Make the salad as big or as small as you like and the ratios are not that importune. I would say use as much spinach or kale leaves as you do shredded cabbage and use about 1/3 of that quantity for the red onion. You don’t want that to be good strong.

Salad ingredients: red and green cabbage, red onion, radish, carrots, pumpkin seeds, baby spinach or baby kale leaves 

Dressing recipe – enough for one medium salad bowl

  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2Tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp Dihon mustard
  • 1T honey
  • sea salt flakes and back pepper

Shake all of the above in a jar until thick and emulsified. Dressss you salad giving it a good toss before serving.

This salad work really well with grilled chicken or fish.

Please share any exciting and interesting salad ideas because that I’m going to need them


*The place, board and salad dressing beaker is from Weylandts and is currently in store as part of their new supper range.


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  1. Nancy Lober

    Looks delicious and beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Nancy Lober

    Can you share what type of mandolin you use?

  3. Hi Sam Although our weather is “cool spring” at present I am going to make your salad for friends for lunch today – together with wholemeal pitas en also the special apple cake that I put on my Carolie’s Culinaire Facebook page!

  4. Sam

    Hi Carolie – that sounds lovely. We are having a heat wave in Cape Town and its only October.

  5. Sam

    Hi Nancy I bought a fairly inexpensive one from Banks – sorry I don’t have the brand name. The Japonese one is pricey but the best. I’m going to get one soon as I use my mandolin all the time now.

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