These brie and red grape tartines are delicious open toasted sandwiches that hover between savoury and sweet and would sit perfectly at a brunch or on a cheese board with other nibbly bits.

brie and red grape tartines

The red grapes heat up just before bursting and add lovely juiciness to the mix. A good drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of walnuts bring sweetness and crunch to the party.

brie and red grape tartines

Just as with my pear and blue cheese tartines – which sit squarely in the same family as these – you make as much as you need. Toast slices of baguette on the diagonal to get longer tartines, or else you could simply slice a mini baguette horizontally and toast each side. To add more flavour, brush both sides with melted butter and toast on a griddle pan first, or if you are in a hurry just pop them under the grill. I do recommend giving them a light spread of butter because you know what they say about butter?

Layer slices of brie fairly generously on the toasted cut side and place a few sliced red grapes (or whole smaller ones) on top of that. Toast them under a hot grill until they start to bubble. Add chopped walnuts and then continue to grill for a further minute or so. I find the walnuts burn if you add them at the beginning. You could also just scatter already toasted and chopped walnuts at the end. Drizzle the tartines with honey and tuck in.

brie and red grape tartines


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