Delicious ideas for Valentines day

churros with espresso chocolate sauce

Here are a few delicious ideas for Valentine’s day.

Number 1:   A picnic

My idea of a romantic meal is a picnic in some remote but beautiful location. I never tire of a cheesy sunset so I would plan my picnic around that.

It would start off with a bottle of MCC or Champagne and involve lots of little nibbly things to share. Fresh berries and chocolate are the food of love so those would be in the mix too. I love the idea of sharing food. It makes the experience quite casual and intimate.

If you are wanting to do a picnic then check out my category of foods that are packed with ideas: Picnics, parties & dips. Otherwise, pop into Giovannis or your favourite local deli and pick up an array of goodies for your basket. You can check out my list of The best food shops in Cape Town for inspiration. 

Pizza Bianco with prosciutto, nectarines, thyme & honey recipe

Pizza Bianco with prosciutto, nectarines, thyme & honey

A catered picnic

Go to a special location and get one of the picnics they make. If you live in and around Cape Town you are spoiled for choice. For a treat, I would opt for Chef Rudi Liebenberg’s picnic basket at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel. You can have it in a pretty garden setting or at the pool.

A picnic at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Or find the 25 best picnic spots in Cape Town and the Winelands.

Number 2.  Breakfast

If picnics aren’t your vibe and you love it in the morning, a romantic breakfast either in or out of bed is a fabulous thing to do for your love. Here are a few recipe ideas for  a special breakfast:

Smoked salmon omelette with chive crème fraiche

Omelette with smoked salmon and chive crème fraiche recipe

Eggs Benedict on roast brown mushrooms with a cheats hollandaise

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

Croque madame with spinach & smoked salmon

croque madame with spinach and salmon

Brown butter Dutch baby pancake with blueberries & lemon

Dutch baby pancake with blueberries & lemon

Check out all my breakfast recipes here for inspiration.

Number 3:   A tapas-style dinner

I think sharing food is ultra-romantic and more intimate than eating your own plate. You can outsource some of the components of a tapas supper (like a good loaf of bread) to make it all easier. Go to the market tomorrow and pick up a few treats. This is like a picnic but at home and with a few hot dishes. Here are a few ideas;

Chickpeas & chorizo with sherry (one of my all-time favourite easy tapas dishes)

chickpea and chorizo tapas with sherry

Easy duck pancakes with plum sauce

These are so easy to make and the pancakes are easier than you would expect.Easy duck pancakes with plum sauce recipe

A very delicious caponata

A very delicious caponata recipe

Salt & pepper calamari

Salt & pepper calamari

Zesty spinach & feta pies

Melon. mozzarella and Parma Ham salad

Melon, prosciutto,and mozzarella salad with arugula and watercress and a honey & mustard vinaigrette

The best roast beetroot hummus

This delicious hummus recipe has the most incredible pink colour it just feels romantic.

The best roast beetroot hummus recipe

Check out all my tapas-style dishes here

Number 4:   Pasta love

If your idea of food love is a comforting bowl of pasta then these are a few ideas to get your romantic ideas flowing. I have SO many pasta recipes on my site so have a scout around. Or you can check out my top pasta recipes here. 

Prawn pasta with tomatoes, garlic & cream

An easy prawn pasta with tomatoes, garlic & cream recipe

Spaghetti & meatballs

Spaghetti & meatballs recipe

Creamy pasta with artichokes, spinach & capers

Creamy pasta with artichokes, spinach & capers recipe

Number 5:   Fancy schmancy

My food is approachable home cooking so I don’t have a selection of recipes that require a high-grade skillset to make. My suggestion would be to take your love to your favourite fancy restaurant and spoil them rotten there. The industry has been so badly hit and they need our support:

Here is my guide to eating out in Cape Town 

Number 6:   Keep it sweet

Any form of a romantic meal could not be complete without a delicious sweet treat to finish things off & chocolate is the ultimate food of love.  These are my top 3 chocolate desserts for valentine’s day:

Chocolate fondant with a Lindt Lindor

Chocolate fondant with Lindt Lindor

Churros with chocolate espresso sauce

churros with espresso chocolate sauce

Chocolate Nutella brownies

Chocolate brownies with Nutella


Happy Valentines Day!


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