7 delicious winter soups

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A bowl of very delicious French onion soup recipe
It’s the middle of winter which means eating soup on the regular kicks in. Making a big pot that bubbles away on the stove ensures a few weekday healthy lunches. I don’t know an easier way to pack vegetables into a meal, and I’m always chasing my five a day. These are 7 delicious soups to keep you warm this winter.

A very delicious French onion soup recipe

This might be my favourite soup of all time and is certainly the best version of it I’ve ever made or eaten. That includes a trip to Paris.

A very delicious French onion soup recipe

My best butternut soup recipe

Butternut soup is an absolute South African classic and my recipe has a hint of warming ginger, citrus, and curry.

My best butternut soup recipe

Split pea and ham hock soup

This is a soup I make every winter and it’s so comforting. I make the stock from the ham hocks before cooking the soup either on the stovetop, in a slow or pressure cooker. It’s worth the little time it takes which is mainly hands-off. Don’t even think of skipping the oven-baked croutons.

A classic split pea and ham hock soup

Winter minestrone soup

Adapted from Ina Garten, this hearty soup is loaded with vegetables and tiny pasta noodles. This is perfect for a weeknight supper.

Winter minestrone soup recipe

Cream of roast cauliflower soup

I roasted the cauliflower to intensify the flavour but you could just skip this part. A good-aged hard cheese makes this so delicious. To add texture to this soup I used a few of the roasted florets along with grated cheese and chopped parsley.

Cream of roasted cauliflower & cheese soup recipe

Creamy roasted tomato soup

Roasting the tomatoes before turning them into a soup is a game-changer flavour-wise.

Creamy roasted tomato soup

Carrot & coriander soup with cumin & orange

The humble carrot is transformed into something a little spicy and delicious with this easy recipe. A dollop of fresh cream and a sprinkle of dukkah finish this off perfectly.

carrot and coriander soup with cumin and orange

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