my favourite citrus recipes for winter

Oranges being squeezed

Cape Town is still tightly wrapped up in the icy claws of a very brutal winter, which has left me for the first time in years looking forward to warmer months. Citrus fruit is still very much in season and I have been pondering a few recipes to use up this vibrant and juicy fruit. Clementines are my favourite and I eat them most days, and my kitchen is never without lemons which I spritz over just about everything. I have my own navel orange tree, which is dripping with ripe fruit at the moment so I’m figuring out my next move with these. Having been at this blogging business for nearly a decade, I realize I have a number of recipes in my archives that are perfect to use up this seasonal abundance, so here are a few of my favourite recipes using citrus fruit:

Orange & Campari cake

From one of my all-time favourite cookbooks ‘Polpo’ by Russell Norman, this orange & Campari cake uses a combination of almond and semolina flour to make a dense cake that gets soaked in a sublime syrup. The Campari adds a hint of bitterness to this delicious winter treat. 

Orange & campari cake

Roast chicken with orange and ginger

This roast chicken is as delicious as it sounds,  with loads of pan jus. This is the way I like to roast my chicken. Caremelised roasted orange wedges add amazing flavour and more juiciness to this bird. 

roast chicken with orange & ginger

Mussels steamed in orange and fennel

This delicious recipe which is a refreshing take on a bowl of steamed mussels is utterly delicious with gremolata to finish it off. 

Mussels steamed in orange and fennel

Baked Yoghurt with spicy brandied oranges

I love this Indian-inspired baked yoghurt dish which has a similar texture to cheesecake. 

baked yoghurt with spicy oranges

Clementine upside-down cakes

These cakes are an absolute hit on Drizzleanddip and the best way to use up clementines if you are not just snacking on them straight up. 


Orange cake with orange buttercream

This is one of my favourite cakes and from my second cookbook Sweet. I adore a sponge cake and buttercream with orange.

Orange cake with orange buttercrem from Sweet - By Sam Linsell

Orange, fennel & avocado salad

This winter salad is bright and delicious using 3 of my favourite ingredients in one dish.

a delicious avocado & orange salad recipe with fennel

Lemon marmalade & polenta cake

This is my favourite gluten free-cake recipe and is utterly sublime. It uses up a few lemons too.

Lemon marmalade and polenta cake

Oven-roasted sweet potato fries with orange salt

The orange flavoured salt really brings these oven-roasted sweet potatoes to life.

Oven roasted sweet potato 'fries' with orange salt

My easy whiskey marmalade

I employed a time saving technique to make this marmalade so much easier and a splash of whisky makes it all grown up. 

How to make easy whisky marmalade

Lemon & thyme mini bundt cakes

One of my all-time favourite mini bundt cake recipes.

lemon and joghurt cakes with lemon and thyme icing

Nigellas clementine cake

Nigellas famous clementine cake is finished off with a dollop of my homemade clementine curd folded through the cream.

Nigellas clementine cake recipe

Lemon cheesecake with a nutty crumble

This is my favourite no-bake cheesecake recipe and the nutty crumble is so delicious

lemon cheesecake desserts

Lemony chicken piccata

This easy weeknight supper dish has so much zing in it.

Lemony chicken piccata

Lemon pistachio cupcakes with a honey meringue frosting

This is another recipe form my second cookbook that takes the cupcake to a more grown-up level. 

Lemon pistachio cupcakes with a honey meringue frosting


Kumquat marmalade with star anise

Lemon meringue cheesecake


A basket of organges



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    Hi you shared a muffin recipe a while ago , used a whole orange, and then added all the other ingredients, can only remember to use 200 g orange but not the rest of the recipe, can you share it with me again pls

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