fennel, radish & mint salad with lemon & ricotta

fennel, radish & mint salad with lemon & ricotta

A couple of years ago I became obsessed with this fennel, radish and lemon salad and seriously I make it all the time in summer. It’s so fresh and crunchy, and I love to eat it with fish or chicken and pile it onto my sandwiches for lunch. I was late getting to the stage of really liking fennel. It was always to aniseedy for me, but when I got over that, I embraced this crunchy and liquorice flavour packed vegetable with gusto. When shaved into very thin slices with radish, the flavour somehow mellows with the lemon and olive oil. I didn’t think this salad could get any better until I spotted this recipe for fennel, radish and mint with ricotta in Polpo, one of my all-time favourite cookbooks. Continue Reading →


sbrisolona – a classic italian crumb cake recipe

sbrisolona - a classic italian crumb cake

This is one of the most unusual cakes I have ever come across and is really more of a rough biscuit than a cake. Nonetheless, it hits my love affair with Italian cakes and desserts head on, and the crunchy texture is utterly moreish. By crunchy I mean the crunchiest baked treat you could ever encounter. Traditionally it is served in rough chunks or broken-off shards, and is best enjoyed with a glass of grappa. Continue Reading →


recipes to make in june

June has rolled in, but sadly for us in Cape Town, winter hasn’t really come with it. It definitely has got colder, but we are still waiting for the much-needed rains to replenish our water system. Here’s hoping that the ‘mega storm’ predicted for Wednesday arrives and stays for a few days. These recipes are perfect to make when you baton down the hatches and snuggle up at home this month. 

Eggs Benedict on roasted brown mushrooms

I love this version of eggs benedict which has the poached eggs nestled on a roasted brown mushroom. Perfect if you are watching your carbs.

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

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thai green papaya salad recipe

This week I literally jumped up and down with joy when I spotted green papayas in my local Asian supermarket for the first time. I have been talking about, dreaming about and generally wishing that they would become available here for many years. After a trip to Bangkok and Vietnam last year, the desire for this lovely salad ingredient intensified when I tasted a few delicious versions. I bought the green papaya and went about making this Thai green papaya salad twice. The first time for supper and to test the recipe, and the second time to make it for Drizzle & Dip. Continue Reading →


a frozen paloma cocktail

A frozen paloma cocktail

The Paloma is my favourite cocktail and you can read all about how to make it on this post. It consists of fresh grapefruit juice and tequila which is enough to explain why I love it so much. For some weird reason, it has also become biggest post in the history of DrizzleandDip.com. I mean it’s just a simple drink. I would have hoped for something more foodie and complicated to take this position, but the internet is a weird and indeed a wonderful place, so it is as it is. If you type ‘Paloma cocktail’ into Google I come up in the no 5 spot on the first page. So I’ll take it thanks very much. There is no way to improve this perfect drink, so I made a frozen variation instead and it’s delicious. Continue Reading →


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