the perfect lentil salad

The perfect lentil salad

This is the perfect lentil salad and the only one you will ever need. It’s got just the right amount of delicious French flavour and a lovely texture. It pairs well with so many things – especially sausages, and can be eaten warm or cold. This recipe is also vegan and super healthy. Lentils are laced with fiber and have a good dose of protein. Continue Reading →


home made baked beans with chipotle

Beans are front line soldiers in your culinary arsenal and pack a huge nutritional punch. They are super affordable and loaded with fiber. I mean loaded. They offer protein – which is especially important if you are vegan or vegetarian and all round should be included more in our diets. This recipe for home made baked beans with chipotle is delicious and fantastic served on toast for lunch or a light supper. I’ve kept this recipe vegan, but add an egg, bacon or cheese if you want more protein in the mix. Continue Reading →


10 recipes to enjoy in april

April crashed into me like a small plane hits the side of a mountain and I can’t even believe it’s nearly Easter. It’s also nearly Winter so its time to bring on the comfort food, fireside moments and loads of red wine. I can’t wait. April is my favourite month of the year hands down, and I adore autumn colours and light. Here are a few of my favourite recipes for the Month of April if you live in the Southern hemisphere.

With Easter smack in the middle of the month, these are a few of my favourite Easter treats (starting with the sweet ones first of course):

Hot cross buns made with stout

Once you’ve made your own hot cross bun you will only be buying shop ones in an emergency. These are delicious.

easystout hot cross spiced bunsHot cross cinnamon sticky buns

This is where a hot cross bun and a cinnamon sticky bun have a baby. They are mind boggingly awesome. Just do it. Continue Reading →


the most delicious dish of mussels, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

mussles, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

This delicious recipe for mussels, leeks and bacon comes from Giles Edwards – the chef and owner of La Tête restaurant in Cape Town. He opened this spot in trendy Bree Street last November and specialized in a nose to tail menu concept rooted in French cooking. I also discovered that this fabulous eatery has so much more to offer for even a slightly unadventurous eater such as myself, and I had the most delicious lunch there last Friday. Continue Reading →


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