Passion fruit sorbet

I have a deep love affair with ice cream that goes back a long way, and I am now mildly obsessed with making it since buying my semi-industrial Italian ice cream machine about 8 years ago.  I had ideas of starting an ice cream shop where I would make premium ice cream to sell to people living in a country which at the time did not have any super-premium ice cream brands (this was circa the launch of Haagen Dasz). This recipe for granadilla sorbet (or passion fruit as it would be called in other parts of the world) is the best ever and should remind any South African of a day at the beach where granadilla lollies are sold. 

That dream hasn’t entirely faded, but now I just love making it for fun.

I love sorbet in summer and made a fabulous strawberry and balsamic sorbet infused with basil and black pepper last year.

*Cooks notes – if you prefer a less sweet sorbet and if the granadilla is riper and sweeter, reduce the sugar by half. It all depends on the fruit so taste and test before adding more if you need to.

Passion fruit sorbet

The most delicious passionfruit (granadilla) sorbet recipe.
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  • 1/2  - 1 cup of sugar 250ml (depending on how sweet your granadilla are)
  • 1 cup of fresh orange juice 250ml
  • 2 cups of fresh granadilla pulp
  • 2 large egg whites beaten to stiff peaks


  • Heat the orange juice and add the sugar, stirring until it has dissolved.
  • Add the granadilla pulp and chill in the fridge.

By Hand

  • Freeze the mixture for an hour and then fold the beaten egg whites through and then freeze again. Beat the sorbet every hour or so until the mixture has formed frozen crystals and then leave until ready to serve.


  • Pour the fruit mixture into the ice cream machine and churn until it is the right consistency.
  • Add the beaten egg whites and churn for about 20 seconds, scraping down the sides to ensure that they are incorporated.
  • Remove and freeze until ready to serve.
Author: Sam Linsell

This recipe was featured on the Huffington Post.




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  1. passionfruit anything rules my world. This is a definite summer winner!

  2. Thanks hun, you can have all of mine when i see you this week end. s x

  3. I am obsessed with anything passion fruit (or passiflora as we call it in Israel). I have some beautiful passiflora plants in my yard and cannot wait from them to fruit. I will have to try this amazing dessert!

  4. Hi Beth, lucky you to have your own passion fruit plant (vine). Enjoy!

  5. Wow, Sam, it looks delish and sooooo easy! Your pics are beautiful!

  6. Looks great!!! Can’t wait to try this!

  7. Ooh, I love granadillas – they remind me of my late father, who used to grow them in our garden. Is it okay to use tinned granadilla pulp instead of fresh pulp?

  8. Hi Paula, you can use the pulp if it contains no sugar, or adjust the quantities of sugar to accommodate it. In South Africa the tinned granadilla pulp has sugar. I tried one batch with 25% pulp and it was fine. I prefer the slightly fresher and sharper taste of fresh granadilla’s though.

  9. Your pics look AMAZING Sam! Hold on to that ice cream business dream, you never know! 🙂

  10. Thanks Thuli 🙂 ~ we shall see.

  11. I’ve just seen this while pining through food pages on the net.
    it looks so refreshing and when how hot it gets here in Meerensee, i can’t wait to try it.Will post a comment when it’s done.

  12. i’m doing this right now haha, i’m waiting to the orange juice and granadilla mixture freeze.
    when i’m finish i post a comment about it :’)

    ps. in Venezuela we call granadilla ‘parchita’ hahaha

  13. Awesome Luis, I am sure you will enjoy.

  14. Sam.. i just attempted to make it, following your instructions.. but as i took it out of freezer to add egg whites, it doesn’t seem to want to fold in, it just floats on top.. was the mixture supposed to be runny or half frozen when mixing? because mine was still runny, cold, but runny.. i mixed it all in though.. am i setting up myself for disaster or will it be okay??

    Thanx.. *Nas..xx

  15. Hi Nas, I assume you are making it by hand? I have only ever made it with my machine. You will need to get the mix to a firm stage before adding the egg whites. So freeze mix, freeze mix, until you get a firmer consistency. Add the egg whites, whisk through and then carry on the free whisk process.

  16. Kabelo Johannes says:

    This looks really nice i ,ll try to do it one day

  17. Judith Hitchings says:

    Thanks for the sorbet recipe – our 3 passionfruit vines are hard to keep ahead of just eating them – I’m trying to make curd from them too

  18. HI Judith, arent passion fruit vines the best? anyway this uses a lot of fruit so hope it helps.

  19. Making this right now! I couldn’t resist sampling a little taste as it’s churning in my mixer… so good! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  20. HI Sarah, I hop eyou enjoy. Its one of my all time favourite sorbet recipes and tastes just like summer.

  21. Nadine Gourrege says:

    do you have any idea how I can preserve granadilla pulp?

  22. Susan Verweerdt says:

    I made the Passionfruit curd, awesome could not stop tasting. Will surely try the sorbet.

  23. So glad you liked it Susan 🙂

  24. Rodney Eliastam says:


  25. Hi Rodney – Im sorry I have never tried making sorbet without sugar but perhaps Google can help. Good luck with the granadillas. I wish I was in your position as I love them so much. Best Sam

  26. Yum! I’m going to try my hand at making it now. It’s a sweltering hot Cape Town day…perfect weather for ice cream! ?

  27. Awesome Ruth its one of my fave recipes so Im sure you will love it

  28. Can one use Ceres passionfruit juice (in the 1 liter box)? I’m in the US and don’t have fresh grenadilla. I really miss that yummy flavor from my days in So Africa!

  29. HI Laura, not you definitely cannot use the juice as this is very watered down. You need to use fresh passion fruit pulp. thanks sam

  30. Hi there! Are the egg whites completely necessary? I’ve never seen a sorbet recipe include them, but I had a request for passion fruit sorbet or gelato/ice cream, and your photos look delicious.

  31. Hi Kristy, I love adding them as they give it such an amazing texture but I really don’t know what the outcome will be without them. I imagine they will just be a bit denser but still taste good. The egg whites do not interfere with the taste in any way.

  32. Hi Sam, great recipe my fiance loves it but it’s a bit to sweet for us. I followed the recipe to point. What can I add into the recipe to make it less sweeter? Maybe some water and lemon juice?

  33. Hi Lene, I’m sorry you find it too sweet, I would just take out some of the sugar. Maybe reduce to 3/4 of a cup of sugar

  34. Hi. Can I use whipped cream instead of egg white?

  35. Hi Claudia. No whipped cream would not work in this recipe as its a sorbet and s=doesn not have any dairy. You could just leave it out but the texture will be a little different.

  36. Just made this sorbet by hand and I needed to come on and leave this review! So so yummy! I partially froze the mixture first before adding the egg whites. After adding egg whites did float at first but I kept freezing and mixing and everything got incorporated by the end. Really sweet which we like but definitely could cut back on some sugar if you want it less sweet. Thanks for the recipe!

  37. Hi Crystal – I’m so pleased you loved it and were able to make it by hand.

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