10 recipes to make this july

Nigellas clementine cake recipe

And just like that, we hit the half way mark of 2017 and winter is in full force in Cape Town. I’m always tempted to stay in hibernation mode as much as possible during these deep cold months and comfort food happens to the max. Here are a few recipes that you could make in July. Stay warm friends. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, bookmark this post for January.

Nigella’s clementine cake

And while we are on the topic of citrus being in season, clementines and in particular Clemengold are in stores right now and this is a delicious cake with a hint of bitterness.

Roasted red onion and beetroot tart tartin with balsamic caramel & thyme

This is one of my all-time favourite vegetarian recipes and I love the earthy sweetness of the beetroot. It need goats cheese or pecorino to add a salty touch.

roasted beetroot and onion tart tartin with a thyme balsamic caramel

Lemon and marmalade polenta cake (gluten free)

This cake is so delicious I included it my second cookbook ‘Sweet’. With oranges in full swing it’s the perfect recipe to make right now.

Lemon marmalade and polenta cake

Carrot and coriander soup with cumin & orange

This recipe allows the humble carrot to shine with the addition of cumin to add depth. 

carrot and coriander soup

Fudge with vanilla and chocolate malt balls

I did say winter was about comforting eating right? These are hugely decadent but also delicious.

fudge with chocolate malt balls

Crunchy green salad with goats cheese and mixed seed praline

Along with the comfort must come some health and these next two salads are lovely in winter.

crunchy green salad with goats cheese and mixed seed praline

Kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

This is such a tasty salad using my new fave ingredient kohlrabi.

kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

Pear tartines with blue cheese & honey

This is a delicious snack or cut it up and serve on a wintery cheese platter in front of a fire.


Warm new potato salad with lemon and dill

This is the perfect side to serve with the chicken Parmesan below. It’s also an absolute favourite recipe.

New potato salad with dill and lemon

Chicken Parmesan

Crumbed chicken breast with herbs, lemon and Parmesan

Mac & cheese with crispy bacon and roast tomatoes

Its winter so this is mac & cheese time. I love adding roasted tomatoes to up the umami and add juiciness. Bacon is simply a must. 

macaroni and cheese with roasted tomatoes and crispy bacon


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