Mango mojito with jalapeño & mint

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

This is a mango mojito with jalapeño & mint. With spicy savoury notes and sweet tropical flavours, this cocktail feels like an exotic holiday in a glass.

Friends of mine produce a very cool craft rum in a small distillery in Noordhoek and I’ve been dying to make a cocktail with it. Copeland Rum is distilled in small batches from blackstrap molasses. When I think of rum I immediately think of the Bahamas and a tropical beach vibe.

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

I love coconut water and strawberry in rum cocktails, and a classic frozen pineapple daiquiri will always get my vote in summer. I also love a chilli kick in my libation, so I decided to do a mango mojito with jalapeño and mint because if you have never had chilli infused into your drink you are missing out.

You can make this as spicy as you like and I muddle ¼ of a fresh jalapeño in my cocktail shaker with the mint and sugar syrup. This is fairly mild. I find it easier to work with sugar syrup vs straight-up sugar but you can definitely roll with that too. I made one with a ratio of 1:1 sugar and water. 

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

Mangoes are in full season so I wanted to use a fresh one. They don’t really juice so it’s more of a puree, and it’s better to keep that separate from the contents of the shaker because it’s too thick to pour. So shake up the rum, sugar syrup, jalapeno and mint with loads of ice to get that part going and then stir it through your fresh mango puree. You could also use juice if you can get that, and if it’s been sweetened then omit the sugar syrup. Finally, pour this over your glass with ice.

I added a chilli salt rim to make this cocktail extra and did this by grinding up mild chilli powder with Maldon salt until fine. I rubbed a wedge of lime around the rim and then rolled it in the chilli salt.

So now I have told you how to make this delicious drink. Play around with levels of heat and sweetness and this could be your next favourite cocktail.ail

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

Copeland Rum is very versatile and great with a plethora of mixers. I’m smitten with this proudly Capetonian, award-winning rum.

Recipe – makes 2 short mango mojito’s

A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe

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Mango mojito with jalapeño & mint

A tropical-inspired mojito recipe with mango, jalapeno and mint
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A mango mojito with jalapeño & mint recipe


  • 1 large mango pureed you will need about ¾ cup
  • 50 ml Premium quality white rum like Copeland Rum
  • Juice of 1 lime extra lime for garnishing
  • 60 ml sugar syrup
  • 6 – 8 mint leaves
  • ¼ of a fresh jalapeño
  • Ice
  • Soda water to top up the glass
  • Chilli salt to rim the glass


  • MPuree the mango until as smooth as it will go and measure out ¾ cup in a jug.
  • In a cocktail shaker ad the rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and jalapeno. Muddle to release the aromatics. Add the ice – I used about 10 cubes, and shake vigorously so all the flavours combine and the ice cools everything down.
  • Make the chilli as per the instructions above and coat the rim of your glass. I used a medium glass. Fill the glass with ice.
  • Pour the contents of the cocktail shaker through a strainer into the mango purée and stir.
  • Fill the gasses ¾ of the way up and top up with soda water. Give the cocktail a stir and garnish with additional lime wedges and mint leaves.
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  1. It’s a very hot summer here in Australia with plenty of mangoes. This cocktail is very welcoming

  2. Enjoy Maria – its very hot in South Africa too

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