The easiest 8-minute small batch apricot jam

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The. best 8-minute small batch apricot jam on toast

When apricots are in season in the early summer, I love to make my favourite eight-minute small-batch apricot jam. The fruit and sugar cook rapidly to make the most delicious jam that is all about the fruit and less about the sugar. This is the easiest jam recipe I know.

A bowl of fresh apricots for a quick and easy apricot jam recipe

Today I celebrate my blog turning 14 years old. This quick apricot jam was the first recipe I ever posted on this website, and it is incredibly nostalgic. 

It was inspired by my paternal grandmother Betty and a fond childhood food memory I had of eating her homemade apricot jam.

Finding a whole piece of apricot in the jam, and spreading it over my toast was thrilling to me as a child, and although his recipe is not my grandmother’s, I attempt to recreate that experience.

Easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam in a jar

I have been making small-batch fruit jams using this method ever since. You can see the best 8-minute strawberry jam, or my quick strawberry jam with Pimms, ginger & balsamic, and my 10-minute peach jam with red muscadel.

In my original recipe, I used 600 grams of apricots but after having made 3 batches this week, I now prefer the ratio of 700 grams. Once the pips are removed the weight will drop anyway.

This jam is all about the flavour of the fruit and less about the sugar. If you prefer a sweeter jam, you could increase the sugar by 2 – 3 tablespoons.

I have decided to keep that first post intact as a reminder of how it all started and how far I have come. The date is also significant as it was the start of this blog.

A recipe for an easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam in a pan

How to make small batch apricot jam

Make sure your apricots are very ripe. They can even be slightly overripe, but they should not be hard in any place.

Start by putting the halved apricots, sugar and lemon juice or liqueur into a very wide-rimmed pan. You can even use an electric frying pan as this has a bigger surface area. This recipe will not work if you use a small pot or pan.

Apricots in a wide pan for an easy 8 minute apricot jam recipe

The wide surface area of the pan placed over high heat allows the quick evapouration of the liquid and gets the apricot jam to its set point more quickly. Do not double this recipe either. Rather make more small batches.

Set the heat to high and stir the ingredients to release the liquid as the liquid starts to bubble set a timer for 8 minutes.

Stir continuously as you cook the jam for 7 – 8 minutes. Using a wooden spoon break up the fruit as it cooks. In the end, you will still have some chunks of fruit in the jam.

To be precise, the jam is set when it reaches 105C/ 221 F on a sugar thermometer. At this point take it off the heat and allow it to cool a little before scooping it into your jar.

The easiest 8-minute small batch apricot jam in a jar

10 ways to enjoy apricot jam

  1. Aside from apricot jam being so delicious on toast, I like it with cream cheese or ricotta cheese on toast to give it a cheesecake-toast vibe. I also adore apricot jam on toast with Cheddar cheese or a cheese scone.
  2. I love to use a thin layer under the middle layer of chocolate buttercream frosting in a chocolate cake. It adds a delicious tart edge.
  3. Add apricot jam to shortbread squares and replace the whisky marmalade in this delicious recipe.
  4. I am tempted to use it instead. of strawberry jam in a Victorian sponge cake.
  5. Apricot jam is delicious with Dijon mustard as a glaze for gammon.
  6. Fold it through Greek yoghurt to serve in a bowl or on fluffy ricotta pancakes.
  7. Spread onto crepe pancakes with vanilla ice cream,
  8. Swirled through homemade vanilla bean ice cream.
  9. Dollop it on top of bruschetta or crostini with whipped goat cheese.
  10. Spread on French toast with fresh apricots and cream cheese,
easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam on toast

This recipe makes 1 x standard 500ml jar (16 oz standard pint jar).

This jam is quick jam and will last in the fridge for a few months. To preserve the jam for the shelf, follow these canning instructions.

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8 minute small batch apricot jam

A recipe to make a very small batch and quick apricot jam in 8 minutes.
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Easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam in a jar
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:8 minutes


  • 700 grams ripe apricots pips removed and halved
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice or orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau


  • Put all the ingredients into a wide shallow pan. Turn the heat to high. Once the mixture starts to bubble set a timer for 8 minutes.
  • Cook the jam, stirring almost constantly for this time. The jam is at set point when it reaches 105 C on a thermometer.
  • The wider the pan the better as this facilitates quick evaporation and thus quicker setting.
  • If you do not have a thermometer, and to test if the jam is ready, freeze a side plate for 5 minutes. Drop a dollop of jam on the cold plate. Run your finger through the middle. if the jam stays apart and doesn’t immediately join back together, it’s set enough.
  • If you are wanting to preserve this jam for a longer period in your pantry, boil the storage jar in a large pot of water – remove and drain.
  • Scoop the hot jam into the jar allowing a 2 cm gap between the jam and the lid and seal.
  • Place the sealed jars back into the boiling water, fully submerged for 10 minutes. You should hear your lid make a popping sound. This is when it is properly sealed.
  • Remove the jam bottle from the pot, drain and allow to cool.


To make a sweeter jam, reduce the amount of fruit to 600 grams or add 3 tablespoons of extra sugar.
Sterilise your jar before filling it with the jam by submerging it into boiling water for a few minutes, and running it through a hot cycle of your dishwasher.
To properly preserve the jam for a longer period, seal with a canning lid and follow instructions to properly can the jar.
Servings: 18


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