The best cashew nut butter biscuits

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The best cashew nut butter cookie

I had been on the search for the best-ever peanut butter biscuit recipe for the longest time. I had thought I found it with this recipe, which at one stage ranked really high on Google and got a lot of attention. It’s the famous Joy of Cooking recipe and it’s pretty amazing. I haven’t made a better one until today when I adapted it with cashew nut butter and played around with the ratios slightly. I also wanted to simplify things and use less cashew nut butter as it’s a more expensive ingredient than peanut butter and now these cashew nut butter cookies are my new favourite thing.

The best cashew nut butter cookie

If you were sitting on a plane and offered a bag of roasted peanuts or cashews – which would you take? Exactly. Cashew nuts are better than peanuts, and cashew nut butter is better than peanut butter. 

I made my own cashew nut butter in my power blender. I haven’t had any success in making nut butter in a regular food processor before so I can’t say it’s possible even though the Internet says it is. My cashew nut butter is  100% ground-up raw cashew nuts with absolutely nothing else added. Cashew nut butter is not easily available commercially but I have seen it in speciality and wellness shops. I like to make my own for obvious reasons. I get to control what goes in it and it saves me money. 

My cashew nut butter is very smooth & creamy (not surprising that vegans use it to make fake cheese), so I added in extra chopped-up roast cashews for texture.

The best cashew nut butter cookie

I wanted the dough to be perfect and not crumbly.  I like my nut biscuit to be crispy on the outside and a little soft in the middle, but if you prefer it softer you can just reduce the baking time by two minutes. If you like them extra crispy, add another minute or two.

I’m giving half of these to my nephews, and the other half I am taking away with me this weekend. I’m going to have to practice all manner of restraint to get them to Friday intact.

As far as any nut butter cookie is concerned, I have found my best version so can now lay that search to rest. 

* notes – I added salt to the recipe and I used salted butter and it really amplifies the flavour here. If you use salted roasted cashew nuts then leave the extra salt out. I love the flavour of Muscovado and Demerara sugar so used it instead of white sugar, but any dark brown/treacle sugar will work. If you are not a fan of too much sugar, reduce the quantity to 3/4 cup. 

The best cashew nut butter cookie

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The best cashew nut butter cookie

Recipe – makes about 33 cookies (I used a 15 ml cookie dough hinged scoop, but used a tablespoon measure to achieve a similar result)

The best cashew nut butter cookie

The best cashew nut butter biscuits (cookies)

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The best cashew nut butter cookie
Prep Time:10 minutes


  • 115 gms butter I always use salted
  • 1 cup tightly packed muscavado sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 free-range egg
  • ½ cup cashew nut butter
  • 1 ½ cups flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup heaped roasted cashew nuts chopped (about 40 – 45gms)
  • Extra white or light brown sugar to roll the doug


  • Preheat the oven to 180C / 350 F and line to large baking sheets with non-stick baking or silicone paper.
  • Using an electric mixer with the paddle attachment beat the butter, cashew nut butter and sugar until well combined. Add the vanilla and egg and mix until creamy.
  • Remove the bowl from the mixer and sift in the flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda. Add the chopped nuts and then return to the mixer and briefly mix until it is thick dough and all ingredients are incorporated.
  • Scoop out tablespoons of dough and roll into balls. Toss these through extra sugar and place them on the baking tray allowing about 3cm (1.5  inches) space between each other. They will more or less double in size while baking.
  • Press down in a criss-cross pattern with a fork to flatten the cookie and leave a pretty pattern.
  • Bake for 10 minutes and until they just start turning a golden brown around the edges. Bake for a minute or two longer if you prefer them to be crispier.
  • Remove from the oven and try and allow them to cool completely before you eat them


Youcan use any nut butter to make these biscuits.



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  1. m,g.prakash says:

    Will you also share your tested recipe on commercial terms? if so kindly respond.
    We are setting up a cashew processing &grape & other fruits & vegetables unit in Bangalore, India.
    Planning value addition as forward integration.

  2. This sounds so much better than the recipe I’ve been using. How long will they last in an airtight container? Thank you

  3. HI Wendy, they should last about a week – to two but nut biscuits can go stale after a while. better to bake off small batches and freeze the unbaked cookies for later.

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