my top 10 recipes for 2019

Baked camembert with caramelised Pink Lady® apples & thyme recipe

I love to look back on a year and pick out my top 10 recipes. These are recipes I found the most delicious and the ones I make again and again (or plan to). This is my delicious gander down memory lane for 2019.

If you want to check out my best recipes for previous years – all of which are still my favourite and delicious: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Happy 20Plenty to you!

My Healthier veggie-loaded butter chicken curry

This is a recipe I make every few weeks in winter and one I freeze off in batches for a hearty and healthy dinner. Its loaded with vegetables including roasted cauliflower and carrots, and I’ve kept the fat to a minimum and used yoghurt instead of coconut milk or cream. Hello, 2020 and a new set of weight loss goals.

My healthier veggie loaded butter chicken curry with roasted cauliflower and carrots

Vietnamese caramel salmon

I loved this recipe for Vietnamese caramel salmon so much I wanted to lick my fingers off. It’s a delicious recipe made even more quickly in the fabulous Instant Pot. This was incidentally my favourite appliance of 2019 and I cannot wait to do a few more recipes in it.

Vietnamese caramel salmon recipe in the Instant Pot

Dutch baby pancake with blueberries & lemon

I adore a Dutch baby pancake for breakfast and with this rendition, I’ve topped it off with lashings of maple syrup, fistfuls of fresh blueberries and lemon curd stirred through Greek yoghurt. It’s one of the nicest ways to feed a crowd.

Dutch baby pancake with blueberries & lemon

The most delicious orange & pecan muffins

This amazing recipe was shared by a friend of and involves blending a whole orange into the batter. These muffins are light and fluffy and the perfect baked treat. I also had so much fun shooting this recipe in my kitchen on a bright late winters day.

The most delicious orange & pecan muffin recipe

The most delicious orange & pecan muffin recipe

Lemon & poppyseed Madeleines with a lemony glaze

I adapted my favourite and really easy Madeleine recipe for these treats which are both pretty and delicious.

Lemon & poppy seed madeleines with a lemon glaze recipe

Lemon & poppy seed madeleines with a lemon glaze recipe

Honey, rosewater & cinnamon panna cotta

Obviously a few desserts were going to feature strongly here and this panna cotta by my friend Ilse van der Merwe from her fabulous new cookbook ‘Cape Mediterranean’ was one of the best. It’s definitely one I’m planning on making again and again.

Honey, rosewater & cinnamon panna cotta recipe

Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese

This classic Northern Italian dish is an absolute must for winter and I was thrilled with this recipe. Finished off with vibrant gremolata, I’m already longing for winter to make it again.

A classic Osso Bucco recipe with risotto Milanese

Possibly the best banana bread ever

After years and years of making banana bread, I stumbled on this recipe which uses overly ripe bananas and it makes a delicious difference. This loaf is finished off with a walnut and coconut sugar topping giving it a delightful crunchy texture. I stash ripe bananas in their skins in my freezer for when the craving strikes.

possibly the best banana bread ever

Double chocolate skillet cookie

I loved this recipe in equal parts for how easy it was to make, and for how divinely chocolatey it was. Scoop over your favourite ice cream – the Woolies Pistachio gelato works brilliantly here, and tuck in. I also drizzled over my favourite salted caramel sauce which just makes it all the more extra.

Double chocolate chip skillet cookie

Baked camembert with caramelised apples & Thyme

Hovering somewhere between a cheese course and dessert or possibly a combination of the two, a recipe doesn’t have to be complicated to leave an impression. I’m a massive fan of baking Camembert so this one made the list.

Baked camembert with caramelised Pink Lady® apples & thyme

I also loved these a LOT:

Roast baby chickens stuffed with pork and sage

Miso salmon & cucumber salad

My best hues rancheros with chipotle

Chocolate marshmallow sweetie pies


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