my top 10 recipes for 2018

Summer berry Eton mess with pistachios

I love to look back on the past year of recipes I created for and pick out the top 10 to feature in my first post of the year. It’s not that easy to pick out only 10 recipes and it’s often why this list often extends past 10 *looks below*. This list is based on my own personal taste and since I ate all the food, the recipes I include here are the ones that left a stronger imprint and have me dreaming about making again. They will all become recurring features in my repertoire going forward and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you want to check out my best recipes for previous years – all of which are still my favourite and delicious: 2017,  2016, 2015 and 2014.

The Best BLT pasta salad

I love everything that is going on with this salad and the dressing might be one of the best I’ve ever made. I’ve had incredible feedback from friends who have made it over the holidays giving it a solid thumbs up. 

The best BLT pasta salad

The best BLT pasta salad

Baked Camembert dip with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and thyme

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have made this since I published the recipe a year ago. It’s a total crowd pleaser and so easy to make. I have made it using basil or thyme and even without any herbs when in a pinch. I always have a wheel of Camembert cheese in my freezer and a pouch of Ina Paarman’s delectable sun-dried tomatoes in vinaigrette in my cupboard. Its the perfect snack dish to whip up when people drop in last minute. 

baked camembert dip with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & thyme


I’m a little late to embracing this delicious dish but now that I have, it’s a firm favourite. It was the most welcome find when I got back from my holiday to an empty fridge and zero desire to go to the shops. I foraged it out the freezer and ate it with eggs on toast and with Gruyere style cheese on toasted whole wheat rolls making me think it would be spectacular on a braai broodjie.  This vibrant Sicilian relish of eggplants, tomatoes capers, peppers and basil smacks of summer and is one of the more versatile things you can cook.

A very delicious caponata recipe

Summer pasta with tomato, olive, anchovy, garlic, lemon & basil

This pasta dish with so many of my all-time favourite flavours is pure heaven in a bowl. It reminds me of summer and everything I love to eat. I could probably eat it every day if I lived in a heavenly world where eating pasta on the reg was de rigueur, but I try and make this as often as I find permittable. 

A recipe for a delicious summer pasta with tomato, olives, anchovy, basil & lemon

Chocolate fondant with molten Lindt Lindor middles

I made a lot of delicious desserts last year but this was probably my favourite. Its perfect date night or dinner party fodder that is guaranteed to impress anyone you serve it to and I can’t wait to make it again. It’s also super simple to whip up, so don’t think its one of those fussy desserts reserved only for people with mean chef skills. 

Chocolate fondant with Lindt Lindor

Berry Eton mess with pistachios

I adored this light and summery dessert that is perfect for everyday entertaining and a Christmas feast. Between the fondant (above)  and this you have your next dinner party desserts sorted.

Summer berry Eton mess with pistachios

Herb and fennel crusted salmon with roasted garlic sweet potatoes.

Salmon is one of my favourite fish to cook and eat and I love it with a flavour packed crusty topping. Fennel is also huge in my life so this is one I will make time and again. 

Herb & fennel crusted salmon

Risotto alla Milanese with brown butter pan-fried prawns

This classic Italian dish with saffron infused rice is topped off with prawns that have been pan-fried in brown butter, an irresistible combination. It’s another one you want to serve when your aim is to impress. 

Risotto alla milanese with brown butter pan fried prawns

Alison Romans Chocolate chip cookies with salted butter

These are now amongst my favourite cookies I have ever made and I whipped up another batch for the holidays. I love the shortbread / salted chocolate combination which hits my fave flavour buttons head on. It’s no surprise that these were the most viral recipe in 2018.

Alison Roman's famous salted butter & choc chip shortbread cookies

Cheesecake chocolate brownies

The notion of swirling cheesecake through a brownie makes total sense to me and creates the most delicious and slightly less-sweet dessert. I’m smitten. 

Cheesecake brownie bars with chocolate Romany Creams

A few other notable recipes that I’m planning to make again and again:

Instant pot gammon with ginger-beer and rooibos

Gammon with ginger beer & rooibos tea cooked in an Instant Pot

Blueberry muffins with oats & almonds

Blueberry muffins with oats & almond

Mocha mousse parfait

A delicious mocha mousse parfait recipe

One pot jerk chicken with spicy rice

One pot jerk chicken & spicy rice


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