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My farourite easy fruit and n ut cake

I waited until December to do this post because if you are anything like me you would have already started planning your Christmas feasts. I’m a fan of traditional food like roast turkey, gammon and Christmas pudding, but it’s also wonderful to mix it up. I also enjoy having the odd Christmas party for friends in the lead up to the 25th, and these occasions tend to be a little more relaxed. Here are a few of my favourite recipes for Christmas and the festive season in general. We are right in the mix of it already so happy party days to you all.

My favourite fruit & nut cake

This is a light cake with that is loaded with dried fruit and nuts. I like to make it in October and feed it brandy for at least 6 weeks.

Apple & mince pie crumble bars

I find these so much easier and nicer than mince pies.

apple and mince pie crumble bars

Pear mince pies

The pear added to a classic mince pie fruit mix gives these pies lighter touch

pear mince pies

Easy stout fruit cake

I adapted my maternal grandmother’s easy fruit cake recipe and this one is a keeper. Friends made it at their annual Christmas cake bake-off and loved it. 

easy stout fruit cake

Pink berry & white chocolate rocky road

This is one of my favourite things to make over the festive season and I use up an dried fruit I have lurking around that didn’t make it into the cake. I also buy chocolate in bulk as you need a lot here and these make the perfect gift. 

PInk berry and white chocolate rocky road

Christmassy baked apples with brandy soaked fruit

All the Christmas flavours in a fruity dessert without any cake.

baked xmas apples

Duck à l’Orange

A delicious and classic dish that is perfect for Christmas.

How to make Duck à l'Orange
Beetroot salmon gravadlax

This is the perfect starter for a Christmas feast.

beetroot cured salmon gravadlax

Peruvian ceviche

Light seafood dishes are the perfect way to start off a Christmas feast or to serve with drinks and I’m obsessed with this recipe for Peruvian ceviche. Its so easy to make in advance and is set to impress.

the most delicious peruvian ceviche

How to make cranberry jelly and preserve it

This is a must-have accompaniment for turkey and so much nicer than any store bought version. Frozen cranberries are easily available in South Africa and when you preserve half the batch, you will make for next years Christmas

How to make easy cranberry jelly

The best ever chicken liver pate

I always associate chicken liver pate with the festive season and all the summer picnics. This is really the best recipe I’ve found and so many people have told me so. Serve with marmalade or on a slice of fruitcake to take it next level.

chicken liver pate with marmalade with baguette melba toast

Boozy cherry and Christmas pudding strudel with chocolate

This one would be illegal at any other time of year. Its OTT decadent but so festive.

cherry and christmas pudding strudel with chocolate

Bacon wrapped chipolata sausages with rosemary and honey 

Perfect to have on the side of your roast turkey or as a party nibble with mustard to dip.

Bacon wrapped sausages with rosemary and honey

Salmon & cucumber rolls with lemon, ginger & soy dressing

If you are wanting to keep your snacks light this festive season this is the perfect recipe for you. Salmon is so festive and these are the perfect partner to a glass of bubbly.

Salmon & cucumber rolls with a ginger & soy dressing

How to make the best ever roast potatoes

This is my tried and tested method of making the best roast potatoes and essential for any festive spread.

The best ever duck fat roasted potatoes

Raspberry souffle

If you don’t like Christmas pudding, make this raspberry souffle.

raspberry soufflé

Spicy caramel popcorn

The perfect festive party snack trust me on this one. 

spicy caramel popcorn

Spicy buttercrunch brittle

Or along similar lines, this spicy buttercrunch brittle

spicy buttercrunch brittle with roasted nuts

Chicken breasts stuffed with pork, sage & apple

A very festive take using chicken instead of turkey

chicken breasts stuffed with pork, sage, and apple

Pomegranate and ginger spritzer

This is the most Christmassy cocktail on DrizzleandDip and Pomegranates seeds make a very pretty and festive looking garnish.

Pomegranate & ginger spritzer

Toffee, salted pretzel and chocolate bark

This is lovely to make for gifts.

toffee, salted pretzel & chocolate bark

Christmassy ricotta hotcakes with orange syrup

Add some of the leftover Christmas mince to these fluffy pancakes for a festive breakfast treat

Purple plum torte

Plums are in season and this is the torte I make every year. The plums form little jam-like pools in the cake and its the perfect slice to finish off a meal. 

perfect plum torte

Hasselback potatoes are always a good idea for any feast

hasselback potatoes with chipotle butter

Then a few other classics

Traditional Christmas pudding  This is a fantastic recipe form, Michael Olivier 

Tuna gravadlax with juniper berries  A twist on a classic 

Gamon cooked in coke with a honey & mustard glaze

Frangipane mince pies with zesty orange pastry

White chocolate, cranberry & pecan nut cookies

Salmon tartare

a festive table with ball jars

A few recipes to rock your leftovers

Rustic smoky breakfast hash with gammon

Spicy turkey quesadilla

flower arrangement in a Ball Mason Jar




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  1. Hello from a very wintery London! These recipes all look fabulous, so festive, thank you so much. I love your blog and books.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Mary that’s very nice of you to say

  3. I can’t wait to try some of these. I always love your recipes, Sam. They are delicious and work every time. Wishing you a wonderful festive season.

  4. Merry Christmas and thank you for all the beautiful posts this year. All the best for 2018!

  5. Thanks so much for the message Lotti, it means a so much and its a pleasure. Happy Xmas to you too.

  6. Thanks Angela and #sorrynotsorry x

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