My top 12 recipes for 2022

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Tomato galette recipe with ricotta and Parmesan

If I thought 2021 was a busy year for me work-wise, 2022 took the cake. I had another delicious year (as always) and continue to feel quite blessed that I get to call this my job. My top 12 recipes for 2022 are the ones I will make again and again, are foolproof and totally delicious. It’s always quite difficult to narrow it down to 12.

If you want to check out my best recipes from previous years – all of which are still my favourite and delicious, you can find them here: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017,  2016, 2015 and 2014.

My top 12 recipes for 2022

The best tomato galette 

This recipe is only the best if you use a variety of perfectly ripe summer tomatoes (preferably heirlooms). I added Parmesan cheese to the flakiest sour cream pastry which has become a go-to pastry for a savoury galette. A herb-heavy ricotta base gives this galette a lot of structure and prevents a soggy bottom.

Summer tomato galette recipe on a marble board

Ottolenghi’s roast chicken and 3 rice salad

This salad is a total winner, and I used leftover store-bought rotisserie chicken but it’s worth roasting your own here too. A large quantity of herbs (including mint) and a flavour-packed dressing bring this dish to life.

Ottolenghi’s roast chicken & 3 rice salad recipe in a green bowl

Spinach & 3 cheese phyllo pie

I’m somewhat obsessed with phyllo pastry and savoury pies made with it, and this is my best recipe to date. I added 3 types of cheese, loads of herbs and spinach to make the most delicious serpent-shaped vegetarian pie. 

Spinach and 3 cheese phyllo pie recipe (Spanakopita)

Rigatoni alla Norma recipe

This simple Sicilian vegetarian dish made with tomato sauce and roasted aubergines is now a firm favourite. 

A recipe for an Italian pasta all Norma with eggplantRose meringues with pistachios

This recipe was a hit on social media and my first recipe to go over 100k views on Tik Tok (and still climbing). These mini pavlovas are crispy on the outside and marshmallowy in the middle. The hint of rosewater gives them a slight middle eastern flavour profile. 

A recipe for Rose meringues with pistachios and whiped cream

Slow cooked Asian-style lamb shanks

This umami-laden dish with loads of aromatics is a delicious alternative to lamb shanks in red wine and rosemary. I can’t wait to make it again.

A recipe for slow cooked Asian-style lamb shanks

Giant grilled cheese with hot honey butter

This is just too delicious and a crowd-pleaser of note. The hot honey is spiced with Aleppo pepper and takes this over the top. 

Giant grilled cheese with hot honey butter sliced on a board

Eggs in Puttanesca sauce

Made with mainly pantry staples this dish became my g0-too supper when I hadn’t planned anything and needed something quick and delicious. You can add more chilli to take it into purgatory territory.

A pan of eggs cooked in puttanesca sauce

My best lemon meringue pie

I made my best version of this classic dish with a baked lemon filling and an unbaked Italian meringue. I like it tall and fluffy.

A pile of Italian meringue on a lemon pie

Morrocan chicken & rice with aubergine

I love this easy chicken casserole that is mainly hands-off and packed with flavour. Raisins add sweetness, green olives a delicious briny sour edge and pistachios add crunch.

Cherries preserved in spiced port syrup

This is the recipe to make if you happen to have a surplus of cherries in season. They are perfect spooned over vanilla ice cream

Cherries preserved in a spiced port syrup in jars

Easy deep-filled Christmas mince pies

I adore mince pies and these deep-filled with a shortbread-like pastry are my favourite to date. I added cherries to the Christmas mince which made them extra special.

A recipe asy deep filled Christmas mince pies being dusted with icing sugar

It was difficult not to include my easy no-knead Foccacia bread which will be my go-to easy bread and one I will turn into pizza soon,  so watch this space. I also made my perfect cheese scones ever and won’t be using any other recipes.

Cut up pieces of easy no-knead focaccia bread

Wishing you a very happy new year and I hope 2023 will be a good one for you. Thanks for visiting my page and following along as I cook and share recipes.

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