One thing we are all often looking for is fairly easy and healthy supper recipes for the middle of the week. Ones that can be planned from pantry staples or that require fewer cooking steps and ingredients. I am very bad at planning my midweek meals and very often resort to foraging something out the freezer. Here are a few of my favourite recipes that are easy to do when you need something fresh but when your brain can’t handle complicated.

Pasta dishes are always my go-to for quick and easy and I love these:

Pasta with tomato, olive, anchovy, capers, lemon, garlic and basil

A recipe for a delicious summer pasta with tomato, olives, anchovy, basil & lemon

Pasta with roasted tomato, red pepper, aubergine & olives

Pasta with broccoli, anchovies & garlic

This might seem ridiculously simple but it’s really the nicest way to eat broccoli.

Spaghetti Puttanesca 

Spaghetti Puttanesca 


Pasta con Ceci – made from pantry staples

Spaghetti carbonara

Tortellini & Italian sausage bake with spinach  

tortellini & italian sausage meatball bake with spinach

Creamy oven risotto with roasted cauliflower & sage

With this oven-baked version of risotto, you bang it in the oven and carry on doing other things

Creamy oven risotto with roasted cauliflower & sage recipe

Trout or salmon en papillote with fennel and tomato

I eat this at least twice a month and replace the wine with fish stock (in sachets). Its the perfect quick meal if you are feeding one or two people and tastes like it was made in a decent restaurant. 

trout en papillote with fennel and tomato

Warm lentil salad with Italian sausages

The perfect lentil salad recipe

Mushroom & barley risotto

Mushroom & Barley risotto recipe

Roast chicken with white wine herbs and garlic

This is a one-pan supper roast situation with new potatoes. It’s effortless in that it goes in the oven and it cooks itself. 

roast chicken in white wine, herbs and garlic

Quick and easy chicken thighs cooked in lemon

Quick and easy chicken thighs cooked in lemon recipe

Ina Gartens chicken Parmesan

Ina Garten's Chicken Parmesan recipe

Healthier veggie-loaded butter chicken curry

My healthier veggie loaded butter chicken curry with roasted cauliflower and carrots

Morrocan meatballs with herby couscous (I blast from my past but a tasty recipe)

Meatballs with Napolitana sauce

Pork burgers with apple & sage

Pork burgers with apple & sage recipe

Meatball & spinach ravioli bake

Mussels have to be the easiest thing to make in a hurry so I have included a few. of my fave recipes:

Mussels with white wine, garlic & cream

Mussels with white wine, garlic & cream recipe

Mussels steamed in orange and fennel

Creamy masala mussels

Creamy masala mussels recipe

Panfried salmon with a lemony dill dressing

Chickpeas with chorizo and sherry

This is hands down my favourite recipe with chickpeas outside hummus

Eggs and breakfasty dishes are always a good idea for supper and very often when I don’t feel like cooking or if I get home very late I will whip up a quick wobbly omelette with a cheese filling. Served on a slice of sourdough toast this is perfection for me. All these egg recipes are perfect for a quick supper too:

Huevos rancheros with chipotle

Huevos rancheros with chipotle recipe


Minty asparagus and zucchini frittata 

Menemen – delicious Turkish scrambled eggs

how to make menemen the most delicious turkish scrambled eggs recipe

My 10 best breakfast recipes

My best ever baking recipes on Drizzleanddip

My 10 best cake recipes

My 10 best vegan recipes

My best pasta recipes


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    What a generous share dear Sam! We just love your generosity and I am slowly going to work my way thorugh these magnificent recipes! At present I am thinking about putting a cooking class together with “A Taste of Ottolenghi” as the theme. You actually introduced me to his recipes several years ago! Carolie xxx

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